Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say "Hi" to Bitty's boy, Moe

This weekend I had a chance to catch up with my nephew, Mark, and spend some time with Bitty's not-so-little-anymore boy, Moe. (Bitty's three grey/black kittens were named Manny, Moe and Jack for the "Pep Boys"... a little Baltimore joke). Moe actually kept his name... it went well with his big sis Zoe's name. The two soon became fast friends.

Then Liz, Mark's new bride, entered the picture and she had two kittehs, too! Suddenly it was a big family. And, by all reports, it's a happy one - and everyone gets along quite well.

During our visit, Moe wasn't quite certain who this wierd woman was or if he really wanted to know her. Alas, from his perspective I'm once again a stranger.

Who are you and why do you keep following me?

Maybe I can get some peace inside this old arcade game. Good job that dad brought it home.

This is the kitteh rest room lady! Can't a guy have a little privacy?

Sheeh, there's no getting away from this woman. You'd think she knows me or something!
Well, even if Moe wasn't in a visiting mood, it was good to see him - he's sleek and muscular (under all that floof) and looking happy (at least around his dad, if not me).

While I didn't get a pic of sis, Zoe (who was much more friendly, btw... she came for petting and settled down on the arm of my chair), I did snag one of his new brothers, Jack and Gus.
Looks like I'm just going to have to visit more often so Moe has a chance to get to know his Auntie Lisa again. ;-)


  1. Moe is a GORGEOUS Panther ManCat! And the other two are just purrecious!

  2. Oh what a cutie Moe is - he totally reminds me of Floyd, so I am guessing he will be a big boy! And Jack and Gus are adorable too!!

  3. I agree. Moe definitely needs to know his Aunt Lisa because then he'll realize how awesome at the cuddles (and treats, I'm sure) you are!

  4. What a wonderful Moe he is, oh he remembers you, he's just playing hard to get!



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