Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About Waiting & Helping

At Rancho J2
Joy reports: Whiskey is still round... [This] is a picture from this morning - she let me get close without her ears being pinned down!

Tango ... is scheduled for [his snip] this Friday - they had an overbooking last week, and I couldn't get him in there. He is scheduled to be at the vets by 8:00, Friday the 14th.

To paraphrase Robyn over at L&H... GIVE TO US YOUR BABIES!!!
(And no mimicking Maura, do you hear us, Whiskey! There better be babies in there! *sigh* OK, if there weren't, that would be fine, too. Fewer babies is better, but this is probably the real thing!)

Wish you could help the oil disaster in Louisiana?
You can! Head on over to visit our friend Robin at Covered in Cathair and see exactly what cathair (and your hair) can do to help!


  1. Whiskey is so pretty! Hope Tango gets through the snip snip okay.

  2. Come on Whiskey! We bet you've got some cuties baking in there!

  3. Ah, she is a cutie and I love that little smile!

  4. So happy she's becoming more trusting! We had the littlebean's haircut at JC Penney this past weekend and mom inquired if they were sending the hair to this cause, but they said they were waiting for an ok for Corporate. We say, just DO it!

  5. Whiskey is very beautiful. I followed the hair boom link. I almost urped a hairball just looking at it.

  6. We hopes that you haves your babies soon Whiskey!

  7. Whiskie is a pretty kitty.



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