Friday, April 9, 2010

Yay! Hubbard is OK! ...And Frankie, Lord of the Manor!

Hubbard is home!

Sundown says he apologizes for the cell pic, but he wanted to get the word out quickly! He's promised to update as they know more. So, here's the news:

I picked him up from the vet this evening after work and he is home and doing good so far.

According to the emergency vet, his diabetes is apparently in remission and his pancreatitus is much better than it has been. That is why his blood sugar dropped like a rock; We gave him insulin when his body no longer needed it. Nobody is quite sure how or why it happens, only that it does happen occasionally.

So, he is off the insulin for now, and we are supposed to reduce his medication for the pancreatitus (which makes him happy, as it tastes terrible!). We also have an appointment with our family vet tomorrow to get his glucose tested again and make sure he is still doing ok. But for now, everything is right with the world once more!

Our deepest thanks to everyone at Space Paws who wrote in and wished us well! I am overwhelmed how everyone responds in these kinds of situations. It is humbling for me to associate with such thoughtful and caring people.

Thank you so much! Hugs and purrs from our reunited fur family!
Sundown, KittyChair...and Hubbard, Treelo, Leo and Rocky

Oh, guys, we're so glad you're part of our internet community! Hugs and love!

Frankie, Lord of the Manor!
We had several requests for a "current" pic of Frankie, after having showed off his baby pictures the other day. His mom, Judy, was glad to comply. She left this comment on that post:

Frankie is very embarrassed from all the nice comments (actually he's his usual conceited self). Frankie is a real sweetheart in temperament and he is extra special because Frankie has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He has his own cardiologist and he is quite snooty about all the attention. We have sent Space Paws one of our favorite pictures of a grown up Frankie which I'm sure you will be seeing soon.

PS - Thank you so much for posting these pictures as I did not have most of them. I am so glad to put a face to Victor so we can tag the album too! What a lot of cheesecake!

Hmmm... I wonder if we should do a post on each of the sibs so that Judy can put faces to them all? Should I ask the furever parents to share current pics?

Just to let you know, both Victor and Missy also have this heart condition. The parents noticed excessive panting after only moderate exertion and had it checked out... and shared their news. Missy's doc is very interested in her case because it's fairly rare for a doc to be able to keep track of the health of all the sibs of a cat with the condition... not to mention the mom. When Vickie, Missy's mom asked if everyone would keep her updated, all the parents agreed. Can't remember if the other docs want to keep track, too. [Update - Frankie and Missy go to the same cardiologist and he compares their records. We're passing on their doc's name to Shelly!]

Now, on the "it's a small, small intertubes" front, we just read today that Hyacinth's Bino has the same heart condition! What are the odds!?

And, finally, I may not post this weekend, we'll have to see what the days bring... it looks like it's gonna be busy!! But I'll be by to read about our friends!


  1. Yay for Hubbard! Continues purrs and headbutts from Harley, Millie and me.

  2. yay hubbard!! cell phone schmell phone - i LOVE that pic. i love seeing kitties nuzzle. it shows that they are sweet, loving pets too.

    *scritch scritch* on frankie's belly

  3. Hooray for Hubbard! Glad to hear he's doing better. :)

  4. So relieved for Mr. Hubbard! I'm glad his diabetes is in remission but what a scare for his parents!

    Hubbard has a very smoochable face!

  5. Yay for Hubbard being back home and stable...these little furballs sure know how to get us worried :)

    Love, love, love Frankie's photo...he really does have that "Lord of the Manor" look...Bino sends purrs over to Frankie and Victor and Missy...after all, HCM kitties need have each other's backs :)

  6. What amazing, good news about sweet Hubbard! I'm a firm believer in the power of good wishes. Hooray!

    And Frankie.. what a stud.

  7. How wonderful that Hubbard has recovered so well. That is very happy news.

  8. It is fantastic news about Hubbard!

    Thankyou to Frankie's mum for sharing a grown up photo of him. What a handsome young mancat he has become. He looks like a kitty who knows only love and affection, and we think that is brilliant!:)

    We were also interested to hear about his HCM. Our vet believes Lishy probably has a heart defect, but wants to wait until he is a little older to run the tests. We were initially told he wouldn't make it to 6months, so a week before his seventh monthday, he is working hard to prove everyone wrong:)

  9. Fabulous news about Hubbard! And what a gorgeous, gorgeous pics of Frankie! How adorable! I desperately want to give him belly kisses. LOL.

    P.S. Thank you for the b-day wishes! :-)

  10. I was very happy to hear the good news about Hubbard, that's wonderful! And oh that Frankie, what a pic!!!

  11. So glad Hubbard is home.

    Love the grown up picture of Frankie, we would love to see the other siblings.

    Healing purrs for everyone. ~AFSS

  12. Glad Hubbard is OK! Frankie is a cutie!

  13. Thankyou so much for supporting our Aunty Julia and Team Victorious. They have now crossed the finish line and are taking a a well deserved rest. Your donation was very generous, thankyou!:)



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