Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Purrfect Pals and Victor Updates

Don't stop now! Purrfect Pals is pulling ahead!

I see Purrfect Pals has inched ahead in the Shelter Challenge! Thank you! I greatly appreciate your willingness to help the shelter that was willing to give Sue's Myron a home for the rest of his life, when he was diagnosed FeLV positive. Poor Sue quite obviously couldn't because she fosters. And then, miraculously, he tested negative and is now looking for a furever home! Let's help Purrfect Pals and celebrate the miracle, too... vote today, and every day, until April 18th!! Instructions are in the sidebar.

(Of course all the shelters are wonderful, so no matter who wins, the critters do!!)

Woohoo! How Victor has grown!

Cute little Victor was from a pre-blog litter (my first... but not the first for the kind hearted folks at the Institute). Here's a note from his furever mom - my niece, Shelly:

"I was just looking at the Space Paws page and wanted to send a little update on my baby boy, Victor (one of the first litter - Bitty is his kitty mom). I saw the post about him trying to escape and had to laugh. He has not changed a bit! He is becoming an even more talented escape artist.

We always thought he was a bit dim, but he is REALLY smart. I think he just played dumb to lull us in to a false sense of security! He has even escaped without anyone noticing until we see him romping in the neighbor's yard. He also knows certain words, such as "catch". I would ask my mom if she would help me catch him, and he would know what was up right away. We now must use the word "procure", he hasn't figured that one out (yet)!

The older he gets, the smarter he lets us know he is. I have attached a recent photo of him so everyone can see what a handsome cat he has grown up to be! A big thank you to Aunt Lisa for letting me have such a wonderful and entertaining kitty!"

So here are some Victor pics from the archives (2007) .. and Victor today!

If Mom likes it, I'll try it... I like it!! I really like it!

Why do I climb the bean? Because it is there!

Ferocious kitten eats fingers!

Victor makes friends at the first 'tute meet'n'greet.
(The lady in purple later became Gus' new mom!)

Victor today! A content and manly mancat!
Thanks, Shelly, for taking good care of our little boy!


  1. Oh, he is gorgeous! I love a good success story. It must warm your heart. I know the ladies at AFC (the group I volunteer for) always love to get updates about my little guy, and how happy I am that I adopted him.

  2. OMG..A long haired tuxie ? My eyes crossed, my head exploded,,I have to lie down now.



  3. Oh my gosh, he is so sweet and handsome!

  4. Oh my goodness, that pink nose. Soooooo adorable! It's all Q's fault & of course, 9 and Chani's too, that pink noses just get me :)

  5. what a goofy little boy victor was!

  6. What a gorgeous, gorgeous boy! It sounds like he has a very happy life:)

  7. I love that story about Victor and Myron's miracle still makes me smile...I best go vote right now before I forget.

  8. Ooooh, what a stunning mancat Victor is! I love these happy stories and updates!

  9. Victor was such a little cutie....and is now such a handsome mancat. Thanks for sharing him today. xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Oh Victor is totally adorable...both the fluffy little kitten photos and his handsome young fella portrait! What a sweet little boy :)

  11. Frankie wants to know if Victor's name was Victor when he was Frankie's big brother (weren't they all Frankie's big siblings - he was the runt?) We want to update our baby album, and yes ma'am, we have one.

  12. Look how big and handsome Victor grew up to be! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful "happily-ever-after" tale. :)

    Just voted for Purrfect Pals...



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