Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Stretch & Signs of Spring

Last Days to Support Myron's Shelter

Purrfect Pals is currently in the lead in their area, thanks to your efforts. Be sure to go over today and tomorrow and help bring it home for them!! Instructions are in the right sidebar. It's easy! It's free!!

Thank you to everyone who has gone over and voted! (They've already won $1,000 in one of the weekly challenges - the most votes for a shelter that week!!!) Purrfect Pals is the wonderful shelter that was willing to give Sue's Myron a home for the rest of his life when he was diagnosed with FeLV. And then the miracle... Myron later tested negative and was put up for adoption! So go! Vote! Now!

It's Spring, and Grey Wishes to be Sprung

Me: Grey, hon, how long are you going to sit there?
Grey: :tail swishes:
Me: Staring at the door will not make it open, you know.
Grey: :Tail swishes vigorously:

Me: Come on, give it up, honey! Go sit in the nice window.
Better sniffies than the ones from under the door, I promise!
Grey: I am unjustly imprisoned and will not consider you to be my friend until you release me.
Me: Awww, Grey, you know I love you. That's why you have to stay in.
Grey: I do not accept your analysis of the situation.

Grey: You may leave now, I grow annoyed.


  1. Poor Grey...pretty upset. I will go vote for that special place now!

  2. LOL ~ poor Grey...looks a little like Banjo sitting and staring at the garden doors as if they will automatically open if they are stared at long enough!

    It's so much more safe indoors sweet kitty! :)

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  3. Aww.. It's tempting sometimes, but mama knows best.

    And thanks Lisa and Brian for supporting Purrfect Pals! I love that they're actually winning!

  4. Staying in doesn't seem like much fun, but it sure is a lot safer!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Poor Grey - he wants out so bad. My Jack used to be like that, so I put a harness and leash on him one day and opened the door to see if he would go out - nothing. He wouldn't budge. He had no interest whatsoever once I actually gave him the chance. Now he doesn't even try to sneak out the door. My goal one day is to have a house with a screened in porch so Jack and Kate (and I) can enjoy the outside without being outside.

  6. Well at least he is polite about wanting to go out. Scylla actually destroys doors if she wants out of them are in them. ~AFSS

  7. Wow, he IS a hefty kitty these days!

  8. I would like to go outside too, but instead I just hang out at the screen door and sniff a lot. There are still scary loud things out there that I am not sure of. (and mum says there is a bylaw for kittehs too.)

  9. wow grey, that is not your most flattering angle! :p



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