Friday, April 16, 2010

Emergency Preparedness

Hi guys, I know I promised to post more from my visit to Ali's today, but the computer has chosen now to go all funky on me. After some hairy hours, it's up again, but who knows for how long? Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop or other PC here at home.

So, while I've got a data backup unit, if the PC goes down, Space Paws will be dark for a bit. Keep your fingers crossed I get a new one in before this one goes up! :-) Anyhow, tonight I'm getting critical info off of the computer so I can do stuff from work if this one goes ppppffft.

I'll try to get a post up tomorrow and I'll leave the blurb at the top of the blog just to remind folks we've got technical difficulties right now.

So just a quickie of Winnie tonight. How many times have you walked away from your yummy snack only to return to find this? :-)

So, you thought these were your noms, now did you?

You thought wrong.

Do you think I need to update my wallpaper??? LOL!


  1. No honey,,the wallpaper is perfecto.


  2. I have had a certain orange Little Dude steal chicken from my salad when I'm not looking. He's lucky I adore him.

  3. We don't like those computer problems either...we're purring for your peecee!

  4. And how many times have you just shrugged and continued to eat your snack? Oh don't go acting all grossed out on me... you know you have.... admit it!

    Hope all goes well with the computer xfer. Mine went feet up last year. Such a pain.

  5. ROFL! I soooo to admit it!! The remainder of that bowl was consumed by yours truly.

    Thanks, everyone! I'm hoping last night's troubles sere warning, rather than a sign of imminent collapse.

  6. Good job, Winnie!!!!!!!

    We will be purring that your computer problems are history and it will work fine now.....xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh computer problems are the worst! We'll be keeping our fingers and paws crossed that the things get fixed quickly! Cracked up at Winnie trying to take a quick bite out of your noms :) In our house, Bailey Bear is often the culprit...blink and you'll see a brown head stuck in your plate! Oh, and we keep eating anyway :)

  8. We would starve to death if we threw out everything a cat may have nibbled :-)

    And Lisa, you're just getting pysched for a new Mac and you know it! Hope it hangs in there until you have something new.



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