Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good News at Kittenpalooza & Kittykye's and Catching up with Jasper and Kona

Good News at Kittenpalooza

Run right over and check out Jane's post today. The surviving babies and mommas are doing so much better... I heard from Auntie Nancy today that Nannie Alice has her hands full already during the day trying to keep the little furballs from being too naughty!

Also, Jane was persuaded to post information on how to make a memorial contribution to Homeward Trails for her precious babies who have passed to Rainbow Bridge (by all of us who would like to send some green papers to help with the considerable expenses of coping with an outbreak of parvovirus like this).

And she concluded in her post, "Another tangible memorial to our sweet kitty angels would be to make certain that all domestic pets in your care, in your communities, and in our greater shared community are vaccinated against the host of common, preventable diseases such as parvovirus that affected Kittenpalooza."

Yep, that's our wonderful superbrood mom! Thinking as much about our babies as her own!

Catching Up With Jasper, Kona and Doc Phyllis

Yay!!! Doc Phyllis sent us some terrific pics of Kona and Jasper. I have got to get over there to visit soon (maybe when I drop off Kayla and Zimmer after their visit in June). I just love the first pic into to laptop cam! :-)

Says Phyllis, "Jasper loves to snuggle, what a great cat! BTW - they're testing out my new rain jacket to see if it's cat fur proof rained on my 65 miles Saturday training ride!" (Doc Phyllis is doing the "100 Miles of Hills" ride to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on June 6th).

Late Breaking Addition-
Most Excellent News!!!

Go and celebrate with kittykye!!! After the agonies of discovering her darling Wesley and L had cerebellar hypoplasia and would be disabled for life, a wonderful lady named Ann stepped forward and offered to fold these sweet babies into her furfamily.



  1. Love the picture of the sleeping cat! We'll go over to kittenpalooza and help them out.

  2. What an "awwwww" post today. So great to read more upbeat news! :-)

    Happy weekend to all.

  3. Celebrate Good Times! Come On! Celebrate Good Times! Let me hear you singing people!!!! Wooot! Wooot! Party in the house! The kittykye babies have got a home.

    HubbleSpacePaws - you were an awesome help and resource for Lynds. Thank you a zillion times.

  4. Now THIS is a post! Waving our paws up in the air meowing...WOO~HOO~!!!

  5. YAY! We love good news for the weekend. The link to donate didn't work though. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Wonderful news all around! just the way to start the weekend!!!!

  7. We are thrilled with all the good news! :)

  8. Great post. We really love the picture of the kitty snuggling with his human being. :)

    And what fantastic news about kittykye's babies finding a home. Hooray!!!

  9. I am very happy that the kitties have forever homes.
    These snuggly pictures are just wonderful!! This is a very happy postie!

    bonks for a happy week-end

  10. Yay! I have been following both these situations but have been unable to comment over @ Kittenpalooza because the board settings currently only let those with Google/LiveJournal/OpenID/Blog accounts to comment (please, add a feature allowing one to just type in their name ;) like you can here;) ), so please pass along Ms. Kayla's sympathies to Ms. Maryland & Ms. Caroline on the loss of their babies, from one kittylady who experienced kitten loss :( to another. I am so glad to hear that the surviving babies an the mommas are doing better, and also that little Wesley & L have a home!

  11. I'm so happy to hear good news for Kittenpalooza!

  12. Hooray hooray woot woot! So glad to hear some good news on all these special kitties! Yay!



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