Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've missed you, too!

Hi, guys! Yes, Space Paws is here... no, everybody isn't adopted (as one gentle reader suggested might be the case)... and yes, everyone is well!

Thanks for all the notes wondering where (and how) we've been! It's just been super busy with folks being out at work, the sore wrist had me dreading typing for about a week, a couple friends are sick and, of course the construction has the household in a bit of disarray.

I've got vacation coming up in a couple of weeks and hope to get caught up with all of our friends. I'll try to keep posts coming every couple of days until then and get in a good long catch up post this weekend. Believe me, I'm suffering from withdrawal from all our friends, too!!

But enough... here's a little taste what you came for! Miss Pumpkin Roll (aka, Peggy Sue) got playful tonight and tore around with the little red dot. There's a constant layer of dust around, as you can see (darn forced air heat), even though the back rooms are blocked off with tarps. Ah, well, it'll only last a couple of months!

I think the kittehs will miss the tarps, though. They love sleeping on them and today I came home to the kitteh bed pushed up onto the tarp, as you see here. Got to wonder what that was all about!!


  1. Ahhh, Miss Peggy Sue, you are a beaut! And looking very fine and active.

    hugs and purrs!

    Lisa, take care of your wrist! I've been feeling forearm and wrist pain lately. I just switched to one of those fancy schmancy ergonomic keyboards... my wrists felt so much better after! It's weird to type on, but you get used to it fast.

  2. Nice to hear that you're alive :-) Do the kittehs ever nest under the tarps? We have one who loves to make a cave.

  3. Oh your so adorable! It's nice to hear everything is going generally well!!

  4. Finally..Honey I was starting to get worried about you ...which is why I knew if I put a recipe on my bl;og'd show up.....mwahahahahah...Yes..I know you that much.

    Take care of yourself....I can't wait to gnash my teeth....err...dentures...what evs....over the kitchens




  5. Oh I love the photos of playful Miss Pumpkin Roll :) She looks like she's having lots of fun!

    Hope your wrist feels better soon! We're sending hugs & purrs your way...and "da boyz" are asking how come we never have cool toys like Tarps and other such fun construction stuff?!?



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