Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving Slowly to the Sunshine

Well, tonight was my last visit with Marley as his mom comes home tomorrow. I'm going to miss the big guy... maybe mom will give me visiting privileges!! :-)

The weather has been great and Marley seems to have enjoyed our field trips out onto the balcony.

Immediate flop upon exiting. Dude, the sun is over there!

Yes, I see your handsome belly, but you're no closer to the sunshine.

Yup... that's it... almost there!

Yeah, now that's more like it! Sun and rubs!
Marley, your mom can travel all she wants! I'll come cuddle anytime, big boy!


  1. Nice job, Marley. I'd be happy to kitty sit too... the commute would be hard, but it's ok!

  2. Marley seems to be one mellow cat! Happy weekend!

  3. Seems like your kittysitting jaunt was a joy for both you and Marley! What a funny boy, as he wiggled closer and closer to the sunbeam! He seems like a real character!

    I'm sure his Mom will be extremely happy to see him, but he might not want to leave.

  4. Hello! Thankyou for coming by our blog, it is really nice to meet you:)

    Suey loves to writhe around on the ground the moment she gets outside.

  5. Now that is one happy kitty!



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