Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Potpouri

Ummmm... I forgot to post yesterday! LOL! Went to my neighbor's for dinner, got home and went to bed with Miss Lilo (I like to spend the occasional night in the guest bedroom with my quarantined fosters). Never even gave posting a thought! *sigh* And this morning was snow clearing. In case you hadn't heard, the mid-Atlantic states got nailed.

Coming up soon, I've got some treats for you. Doc Phyllis AND Ali both sent updates!! Yay (and thank you, ladies)! I'll be posting them on Monday and Tuesday (a treat to myself to have ready made posts on a workday... heehee!).

Back to the present... When I finally signed on today, I had a message from Wendy that she'd once again worked her magic on a few of our pics. Miss Lilo, Percy and Aggie are featured so zip on over and check them out. There's a link over in our sidebar, too... Miss Wendy's is a great place to go for a laugh and to meet the furbabes of a lot of bloggers!

Yesterday, when the flakes had just started to fall, we saw something new and different. Some background to set the stage: Ever since Miss Aggie left (coincidence or trigger?), Grey has shown an extreme interest in Miss Bitty... chasing her whenever he sees her. Hmmm... I wonder if Annie is jealous... she's still sleep with Grey, you know! ;-) Anyway, there are no blows, hissing or growling, she just runs for cover or escapes to the heights. Up until yesterday, Grey showed little desire to use the stairs or catwalk, no less follow her there.

I'm sitting and relaxing before dinner when, suddenly, Bits streaked across the living room, with Grey close on her heels. She zipped up the stairs and Grey charged up right behind her... to about the middle where he stalled... apparently realizing he was treading in unfamiliar territory... and she had the high ground. Bitty, indeed had stopped and, paw raised, was ready to defend her catwalk.

Our boy evidently decided discretion was the better part of valor and, after some indecision, finally retreated. I wonder if this spells the beginning of the end for Miss Bitty's retreat? Time will tell.

And finally, some shots from this morning. At 8 am over 20 inches had fallen. I'm not sure what the total is now, but it's deep for this neck of the woods. That's my wonderful neighbor, Gary, who used the snowblower on our walks and driveways and all I had to do was try to push 20+ inches of snow off of my ancient (circa 1950s) aluminum awning. I adore that awning, as ugly as it is, and didn't want it to collapse. It's the perfect pitch for feeling cozy on the porch and shaded from the brutal B'more sun in the summer.
It was pretty hysterical with me leaning out of the upstairs windows with a broom on a telescoping wand and a shovel (to get the part close to the house). The unnatural angle made it darn hard work! The snow doesn't look nearly as deep in the pics as it does in real life and you can't really tell it was still snowing! In fact, it just stopped after 4 pm.


  1. Wow! that's some crazy amount of snow you have there. Stay warm!

    And I have to say that there's something about the architecture of back East that just makes me all romantic and dreamy... snow and all :)

    Even though I know I would not last very long in such cold weather hehe

  2. :o love triangle??

    WOW, that's a lot of snow for anywhere! but it's beautiful! i want to frolic through your street.

  3. Oh gosh ~ you did get quite the dump of snow didn't you! Keep warm!

  4. Now that's just way too much snow, but the pictures were pawsome & we saw your sweeties over at Wendy's, very funny indeed!

  5. We're here in northern Virginia, so we had that same snow. Haven't gone out the clear the car yet, and not looking forward to it. Jack is wondering when a cat will ever be able to touch grass again.

  6. Glad you had a nice neighbor to help you with all that snow! We're shoveling other things around here -- mulch. Have to get ahead of the weeds before they really get going.

    A new love interest, Grey? Or are you just looking for a playmate? Love the pictures of the chase!

  7. I agree with Marlene. Having been a NW resident all my life, the architecture and ambiance of your home and neighborhood are unfamiliar and lovely. Including the "ancient' awning.

  8. Our Mom is originally from NW Indiana, and sometimes she misses the snow and how it muffles all the noise and makes that crunch sound under your boots.

    We so enjoy your bloggie! Hope you have a good Sunday.

  9. That's a mighty cool cat tree!!

    We don't get snow here - and that's okay with us. We like looking at pictures of it since it reminds Mom of New Jersey.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids



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