Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Nuff Said


ICHC courtesy of Former Commander... thanks!

Oh, and just a quick one. Bitty is out from under the bed and snurfing around the feed bowl, although I haven't seen her eat yet. She looks much more relaxed and lively. Thanks for all the purrfectly wonderful wishes for her recovery!


  1. We are glad that Bitty is up and about!

  2. YAY Bitty! Now it is time to chow down, but ignore that picture, your food will be yummy!

  3. I see you have a Culinary Connoisseur Cat as well :) We should introduce Gray to my Gambino :)

    So glad that Bitty is out and about...hope she feels completely well soon!

  4. HAHAHA! I loved that one when I saw it too.

    Yay for Bitty! And hooray for Noel and the rest of the now responsible young ladycats.

    Re kitty thievery - I don't think I've mentioned this here, but Boy Cat has become fascinated with the DVD player. Whenever I pop a DVD out of there, he runs over, grabs it in his teeth and pulls it out. He tries to run off with it but usually drops it. I sigh, clean off the cat spit, and ask myself how I raised a feline intentions were so good! *giggle* Thanks my friend!

  5. Glad Bitty is feeling better!

    Oh, Grey ... it can't be THAT bad ;)



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