Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lilo has arrived!

Sorry about the crummy pic... my camera is in the trunk of my car, it's raining and I'm lazy. Made due with the cell. :-) Yes, that is the chair in the den on which you usually see Winnie or Percy. It's all Lilo's during her quarantine... LOL!

Short on time, so here's what I wrote to Cheryl tonight...

Just wanted to let you know Lilo is doing fine. I have a crate in the den (2' x 3') and she stayed there for an hour, just to get her used to where her litter pan, food and water would be.* I let her out after an hour and she explored the "suite" (den & guest bedroom). She sat on the chair next to me all evening while I worked.
She was a tad anxious at first, and still doesn't like me to pet her back, but she's allowing head rubs. I didn't try to play with her... figured she deserved a nice quiet evening. I haven't seen her use the litter pan, but that's not unusual for a cat in a new environment. They tend to hold it for quite some time.
She'll spend the night in the crate and hopefully I'll see evidence she actually used the litter pan. Once I see she has used the pan, she can roam freely in the "suite" from then on. I generally don't like crating critters, but the crate is a confined, safe place and does come in handy when introducing kittehs to new digs, when they are recovering from operations, etc.
I'll keep you posted.

*Oh, in case you were wondering , her food and water get moved out of the crate once she's able to roam the suite freely. Only the litter pan stays in the crate... easy clean up for me and it's ready in case somebody needs to be incarcerated ... errr... uuhhhh... confined for a while for some reason!

I'll have an update on Aggie (new name Kayla) tomorrow, too!


  1. Hello Lilo! You're a beauty. I hope you relax soon and use the facilities :)

    hugs and snuggles,

  2. Hello Lilo, I'm glad you are there. I know it is strange right now but you will soon get used to it...there is lots of love at this new place of yours!

  3. Hello, Lilo, it's a pleasure to meet you, lovely lady!

  4. Oh I'm so glad that Lilo is with you now...I know she will get all the love and attention that she needs, and adjust really quickly to living at Casa Space Paws :)

  5. So good to hear that she's with you. It can take older ones some time to get used to changes. My fifteen year old foster still only allows petting right before or after mealtime and likes to hide out in his crate for a good portion of the day. It was a big surprise to find him within a foot of the bed one morning after three weeks of living here!

  6. S glad to hear Lilo is adjusting and allowing her head to be petted! All in due time...

  7. Lilo is very pretty. We know she will love it there with you.

  8. Sound like Lilo is doing fine. When Baby came here, she growled and hid and acted feral for some time, but once she trusted it was all love, love, love.



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