Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lilo's Story, Part II

Hi! I'm Lilo. The Space Paw's lady said I could tell you a little about myself.

Where should I start? I'm two years old (Ok, going on three, but a lady is entitled to shade her age a bit!). I'm a responsible lady cat and won't be bringing any more kittens into the world... we have 'nuff to go around and then some already!

I just loved being with my mom. She had the warmest lap and we'd sit and talk and talk and talk, right here on this couch! I miss her. *sigh* But I want her to get the care she needs, too, so I'm being brave. Did I mention I also liked cuddling with her in bed at night?? (So warm and soft!! I like warm and soft!). So if a mature bean would like a warm and snuggly kitteh, I'm your gal! I'm very independent and I'll let you know when I want to be with you... but that's a LOT 'cause I LOVE beans!

My first family had little beans, so it would be OK if a family would like me to come play with them, too! Playing is the best! I really like the fishing pole. The stringy thingy is another one of my favorites, but I'm not high maintenance. A paper bag will keep me busy for hours and hours.

Ok, then. That's all for now! See you tomorrow... sister Cheryl is sending some videos!


  1. Oh Lilo ~ I am sending you warm thoughts and love in hoping that you find another beautiful warm lap to sit in. You are a very pretty cat and I know you will find another special home soon!

    HubbleSpacePaws - you do such wonderful work here. I just had to nominate you for the "Kreativ Blogger Award". Pop over to my blog and pick it up if you like and have time! I know you are one busy gal!

    xxoo Catherine

  2. You are so very pretty Lilo, I sure do hope all works out for you sweet thing.

    Note to Lisa, I got a comment on my other site so comments work sometimes. Who knows, right?

  3. You are beautiful, Lilo, and we are praying you will get a wonderful forever home....with a nice warm lap to curl up in. We wish we could give you a home, but our lease says we can't.....sigh........we send our love and prayers.

  4. Lilo, you are such a brave, beautiful, and loving girl! We'd love to have you come live with us, but our dad says that 4 is the limit. We're sorry, but we DO know that you are going to pick the most wonderfurl family to call your own. And we thinks this is going to happen furry soon!

  5. Oh Lilo we think you are such a wonderful girl to think of your person like this! We know it has to be very hard for you. We hope that you find a wonderful forever home very soon!

  6. Lilo is so beautiful! I hope she finds someone to love on her soon!

  7. Be patient, Lilo, there's someone waiting for a sweet cuddly girl just like you!



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