Friday, January 8, 2010

Lilo in Action

Hi! Lilo again! My sister bean comes and spends time with me... one of my favorite things is the fishing pole so she decided to take a video of us playing. She's new at this video stuff and so am I but we thought it would help you to get to know me better!


  1. Lilo looks like she has adjusted very well already! If she's playing, she must feel comfortable there. She's really quite the little beauty, too, isn't she?

    Bless you for helping these little creatures in their time of need.

  2. Lilo you look very cute playing, and like you are really enjoying yourself.

  3. Hello Lilo and all the other space paw cats! Thanks for coming to visit us this evening. We are stoked about winning the Kewl Kittie Krew's bookends. We love the idea behind this blog, since we are two rescued kitties ourselves. Purrs! Raymond and Busby

  4. Oh - precious Lilo!! I hope she finds a forever home soon. I also worry about what will happen to my animals if/when I reach the senior stage of life. (My current cats will not be around by then, but Boy Bird probably will be and who knows what my menagerie will look like by then!)

    So - call me silly, but I am already doing a bit of research into animal-friendly living facilities. I was happy to ready (in Lilo's previous post) that more and more places are allowing people to bring their beloved furry and feathery companions with them. Thanks for the double-dose of goodness in these posts, Lisa - we got to meet a lovely lady kitty and also learn about pets and seniors. Thanks again!

  5. Lilo sure has fun!!! Y'all keep warm this weekend...loved the video too!

  6. PS Lisa - I have made a couple of more snuggly blankets. I wrote more about it on my blog, but I am planning to offer these to another friend of mine who does animal rescue. I so much appreciated your and Space Paws' service as my first-blankie focus group, but I'd like to spread the blankie love around; I hope you understand.

    And I hope to keep the blankies coming, so - if my friend doesn't need these, and/or when I have another one, you'll be first on my recipient list if you want!



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