Monday, December 28, 2009

The Object of His Displeasure

Grey. Mr. Laid Back. Not any more. Now we have agitated. Distinctly displeased. The object of his displeassure? Behold:
Ok, it's actually the little kibbles in the object to which he objects. This is Grey's favorite feeding station. Our little drama started when I'd noticed that he threw up twice last week. I'm not really concerned, he's clearly getting plenty to eat but, while cruising the isles of my local PetSmart yesterday, my eyes lit upon Eukanuba's "Sensitive Stomach" formula. Decided to give it a shot.

It was decidedly not a hit with the big boy. One nibble and he spent 10, count them 10, minutes trying to cover up the food with the floor. Now the floors are oak, pretty tough stuff, but I was actually starting to worry that he'd hurt them as his scratching became more and more frantic. He's a pretty powerful cat! I tried distracting him. Unsuccessful. I tried picking him up and moving him away. Howling protest. Our boy returned to the bowl to continue to try to dispose of the offending food stuff. Do you know how long 10 minutes is with a possessed cat scratching at the floor?? Finally he abandoned his efforts and stalked off.

The end? Of course not. After a couple of hours, he came downstairs again and started all over again. My nerves were fraying but I stayed strong. This morning, I came downstairs to spend a relaxing few minutes with my cereal, coffee and book. *Sigh* He was right behind me, and once again began to try to bury what should have been his breakfast.
After work, and a nice crowl with the Grumplekins, I settled down to dinner. Oh yes, you guessed it, he was at it again. And kept it up. The entire time I was eating. I think there's a message here... I'm not going to eat in peace until he gets what he wants.

I'm conflicted. The other residents like the stuff and have been munching enthusiastically. Do I switch this food to another feeder or engage in a battle of wills? I've never let one resident rule when it comes to food. They get wet food at least once a day and usually two types of dry are available for free feeding variety. If someone doesn't like something, they've got options. But Grey really seems to be stuck on making the point that he wants food he likes in this feeder. I'll give it another day or two and let you know if he gives up or if I finally capitulate.
On the bright side, Grey and Greyzini (aka Annie) are still hanging out together. Constantly. This is what the bed usually looks like when I walk in. Sometimes, they're even closer (not touching yet, though). Looks like Grey does, indeed, have himself a girlfriend! This makes me very happy... for both of them!


  1. Oh this made me laugh out loud...sounds like Mr Grumplekins is definitely not amused with his new diet :) Every time I have engaged in a battle of wills with my kitties, and decided to show them once and for all that I am indeed the boss of this house, they have showed me in no uncertain terms that I was dead WRONG and they are, in fact, THE BOSS! :) Hope you have better luck than I do :)

    By the way, I love the pictures of Grey and Annie "almost cuddling" :)

  2. I'm with Hyacinth in the chuckles. As someone who never won a food battle with a kitty (Q was very insistent that he was fed at 5 am and made sure to wake me up at 3 am just to ensure that he got fed at the proper time), I feel for you.

    Enjoying the blossoming relationship between Grey and Annie!

  3. I have no advice except to say that I switched Jack to a mix of iams weight control/indoor and sensitive stomach after my vet recommended it. Maybe if you mix the two he might be more likely to eat?

  4. Yep, I agree with Nichole, mix some together and gradually phase out the old...Dad tricked us, I mean converted us over that way!

  5. We have a feeder like yours. We fill it and walk away. When it is close to being empty - we put more in - that's that!

  6. LOLS! Sounds like grey is very unhappy with the sudden change in food!

  7. HAHAHA!!! Sorry...I am just delighted to read that I am not the only person who is regularly reminded that her function in this house is to dispense food of the type and amount desired by Their Majesties, and cuddles (by request only).

    I have seen more than my fair share of upturned noses, disparaging looks and attempts to bury unwanted food litterbox-style.

    I was going to suggest what others did...if you feel strongly about getting Grumplegreykins to try a variety, sneak it in on him gradually by mixing it in with his "approved" food :-) Good luck!

  8. We believe he's going to keep it up, until he gets what HE wants! Skeeter's the same way!

  9. Haha. I feed mine Science Diet sensitive stomachs because they got runny poo with the perfectly wonderful Felidae. They like it lots.

  10. Oy, food battles. Mixing food he doesn't like with food he does and then phasing completely over to the food you're trying to get him to eat is what seems to work. Stick the dry in his wet food first, then put less and less of the wet in there until he's essentially eating the dry stuff by itself. Maybe he'll eventually give the dry feeder a chance again? If that doesn't work, I'd say the battle is lost.

  11. Our mum says that mixing the food is the way to go. She switched us over from Nature's Variety Instinct rabbit dry to Orijen 6 Fish dry when she had trouble getting the NV stuff in Canada. We didn't mind too much.

    I hope Annie and Grey get snuggly! Me and my sister Zowie aren't snuggly yet, but now if mum is petting one of us, the other comes running.

  12. Grey sounds a lot like Domino who is extremely picky and also has a sensitive stomach. She throws up just about everything eventually, so I rotate her through different kibble. She won't even eat the wet stuff.

    Anyway, good luck with Grey. He's on the LOLSpot with some of your other kitties today, by the way.

  13. That is so funny about Grey insisting on covering up his food. Banjo does it once in awhile but not for 10 minutes at a time! ha ha! I guess Grey's just a kitty who knows what he wants! Good luck!



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