Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And Grey Blinks First

Yes, folks, without further intervention, our old Grumplegreykins decided the new food wasn't so bad after all. He's been chowing down all evening. Whew! And thanks for your suggestions... had he not decided on his own, I would have tried the mixing.
It really wasn't a contest of wills. Really! I just had never had a cat express that much displeasure with a food offering before. It was kind of amusing, even as it frayed my nerves!

But Grey and the gang have lots and lots of goodies now!! His first mom, Sharon, came for a nice long visit this evening (sorry, no pics, we were having so much fun I forgot!) and, as usual, brought oodles and oodles of treats. I'll try to get some shots of the guys playing with her adorable non-edible Christmas presents for the guys tomorrow!

Update on tomorrow's post: Our friend Wendy has once again captured the gang in a series of LOLs. I'll post them here tomorrow (past bedtime now!), but in case you can't wait, just click on the link in the sidebar!


  1. So glad Grey broke down and is eating now! Funny cat!

  2. Way to go Grey, ya never know until you try...or try Mom's nerves!

  3. Yay! I'm sure it's a relief for you, Lisa :). Grey, you silly kitty ... <3

  4. We have a lot of eating issues at our house because sometimes one will just not like the food offered. But eventually, they get hungry and give in (or a new food comes along - we switch the canned options pretty often).

  5. Aha! First round goes to Lisa! Great job ;) Glad to see Grey realized that the new food is not as bad as he originally thought :)

    Bino has a message for him though, he says "Dude, you gave in way too quickly! Come over sometime and I'll teach you a couple of lessons in stubbornness...soon you'll have The Human doing sommersaults just to please you" ;)

  6. yay grey is eating the new foods! Maybe he was just seeing if you bend to his cat will.

  7. Glad to hear that Grey is eating well now! I never thought of mixing the food either. Maybe that's something I should try with Domino.

    By the way, there's a couple of Gus LOLs on the LOLSpot today. Glad you liked the others.

  8. Hooray for Grey! Glad he's eating the new foods well.



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