Saturday, November 7, 2009

Small Victories

OK folks... I know it won't seem like much, but last night we had progress that just warmed the cockles of my heart.

You might remember that I've described Peggy Sue as a big cuddler (especially in bed with me, but also if I'm sitting on the floor), but definitely not a lap cat. I've mentioned before that Peggy Sue prefers her loving with all four paws on the ground (or bed).

Not once in the time I've had her has Peggy Sue tolerated being picked up (she hates being picked up, as Monica will confirm!), voluntarily stayed on my lap when I put her there or, most certainly, ever chosen to get into my lap herself. I was very surprised on Tuesday when she jumped up on the chair next to the computer table and demanded loving.

Last night, with no preamble, Miss Peggy Sue jumped up into my lap! Fortunately the cell phone was close at hand. Sorry about the quality of the pics, but I just had to record the historic event!! And it got even better. After sitting quietly for a moment, she turned and asked for love!

After some serious rubbing, she laid down in my lap!!! At this point, I'm over the top with happiness! It's taken five months but she finally trusts me enough to sit on me!

It was to get even better... Peggy Sue curled up! No feet on the human, ready to spring down at a moment's notice... instead, she was totally relaxed. We loved up for over an hour!

Such small victories are the rewards of fostering! Slowly gaining the trust of a sweet critter like Peggy Sue will, simultaneously, humble you and fill you with joy!


  1. Happy!! This victory doesn't seem very small to me. How wonderful.

  2. Yeah for Peggy Sue! I wish that either of my cats were lap cats. No such luck. It's not that they don't trust me, they're just nosy little buggers and need to be able to spring into action if they need to investigate something! Peggy Sue is such a beautiful kitty!

  3. Fantastic!
    It took me several months before I sat on my mum's lap (it is still hard to do, because I am so big and I don't fit on her lap very well), and it also took awhile before I wasn't scared of visitors.

    Well done Peggy Sue! :)

  4. Melting, meling, melting here from all the cuteness and happiness of gorgeous Peggy Sue curled up on your awesome that she climbed up on your lap voluntarily and stayed! Yay for moments like this :-)

    None of my cats have ever been happy being picked up...all are "four paws on the ground" cats...poor little Mishka tolerates it (he's too polite to complain), my thug Gambino goes into full panic mode if picked up, but he does like to sit on me if I'm sleeping...Poppy was only happy if my husband picked her up...she would place her paw on his chest, look into his eyes, and sigh...and it would melt my heart.

  5. Yay for you! Good ole Peggy Sue :D

  6. :D that's the best!! i nearly cried the first time dash played with a toy in front of me. i love all the little milestones :)

  7. AWWWW....this is what makes it all worthwhile. I felt the same way the first time Andy jumped in my lap on his own.


    Hugs and Headbutts.



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