Friday, October 9, 2009

Updates: Jasper & Kona, Ashton & Coleston, Angels, Gus and Grey

Colston & Ashton
Very good news - the adoption went through on Wednesday. Colston & Ashton have a wonderful new home!!

The sad news is that Melissa is taking this pretty hard. She loves these boys very much and it's been soooo difficult to make this move. The evening of the adoption she retired early. I suspect she needs a little time to come to terms with giving up her furbabes, even if it's for the health of her biped baby. Big hugs comin' to you from everyone at Space Paws, Melissa! We know you did the right thing and we know how hard it was to do! Thank you again, from Melissa and Space Paws, to everyone who passed the word about this very special adoption need! And a big thank you to Ashton's first mom for the referral!

Grey Sharonson
Sharon and I touched base today. Sweet Grey has an infection in one of his paws and Sharon has been treating him through her vet. He's coming along nicely (she's got him safely tucked in her basement), but we decided it was best to wait until Monday to transfer him to my house. I can't wait to greet our newest adoptee!!

The delay actually works out quite well (goes without saying that is other than the fact that Grey is hurt!!). Miss Peggy Sue is still recovering from her spay on Thursday and is still moving quite gingerly. We've got her in quarantine (the spare bedroom/den "suite") and I think she'd do well to have another day or so without having to deal with the General Population.

Do check out the comments on yesterday's post for more info from Grey's dad, Chris.

Jasper & Kona
New mom, Phyllis, sure is keeping us up to date on the goings on in DC!! Here's the latest set of pics from Kona & Jasper. Kind of self explanatory, actually!! They're getting along great! Lots of playing and Kona continues to marvel at kitten craziness! Turns out she thinks Jasper is actually quite delicious! Enjoy!

And, in Medical News
Monica and Sonia report they really liked Doc Andrew. They took lots of pics of the Angels first shots and will be sharing them with us, soon. Mimi picked up Gus today after his neuter and relates that's he's doing well. (Thank you, Doc Hess, for the no-cost spay and neuters you are providing for Space Paws!!). We expect Gus will be back to terrorising... errrr, playing with, Tory by tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for all the good news!

    Very glad that Jasper and Kona are getting on so well - one never knows how these relationships will go until the cats meet!

    Yay for vets who take such good medical care of foundlings!!

    I am especially touched by Colston & Ashton finding their new home, and hold Melissa in my heart for the very painful decision she had to make.

  2. Big, big, big hugs to Melissa as she goes through giving up her babies, Colston and Ashton. The head understands these things, but the heart still breaks... She will be in my thoughts as she goes through this painful transition.

    I'm glad to hear that Mr. Grey is inside and being well taken care of. But are we sure the injured paw wasn't just a plot for him to get himself indoors? ;-) I'm looking forward to hearing more about him!

    And it's just so very sad to see that Fred/Jasper is having such a hard time settling in to his new home. Such a pity that Kona hasn't accepted him yet... :-P Seriously, could those two be any cuter??

  3. Those are great updates! I it too bad that Melissa had to give up her furbabies but at least she did it for a good reason - her real baby.

    It is too bad Mr. Grey is hurt but I hope he gets better soon - we will send some good healing thoughts his way.

    And the pics of Jasper just are so cute!!

    And finally I am glad all the surgeries went well!

  4. Woohoo! Hooray for Doc Phyllis, Jasper and Kona! What a fabulous family they make.

    And hugs and purrs going out to Melissa. One of my animals came to me because his owner simply could not keep him, due to unforeseen and impossible circumstances. I think she took comfort in knowing that my husband and I adore her/our baby, and that he is healthy and happy and much adored by all. I am sure that the same will be true for Ashton and Colston. Hugs!

    And lots of purrs go out to Grey for a quick recovery! Poor fellow. I can't wait to hear how the newest Space Paws cat-stronaut fares! (Sorry, it's early and that was the best space-related pun I could come up with.)



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