Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grey's story, Part I

Lots of things going on today... Peggy Sue's spay went just fine, the Angel's shots went well and we got the good news that both of Sundown & Kitty Chair's kittehs, Treelo and Hubbard, tested negative for FIV/FeLV again after 60 days!! (You may remember that their darling Ziggy tested positive, after having had an, earlier, negative test.) And we've received several stories about FIV+ kittehs to share. And we've got more updates from Jasper's mom!! We'll fill you in a bit more about everything over then next few days, but I thought you'd like to finally see a bit more of Grey and hear some of his story, today!

Here's a short video of Grey and then Sharon relates a bit of how he came to be with them. Unfortunately the neighbor's cat, DC, is quite aggressive and regularly threatens Grey, which is another reason to find sweet Grey a good home.

From Sharon:

Here's how he [Grey] came to live with us. Last winter we had another grey cat living on our porch who got along with DC [the neighbor's cat]. I've since placed him (Mr. Fitzgerald Grey in his new home), and our new Grey showed up after a big snow storm. I thought he was a kitten (an teenager maybe, he looked about a year old and that turned out to be right) he was obviously starving. Someone had dumped him. Maybe because of the economic crisis?

He was not smart about living outside as he made too much noise crying all the time. We started feeding him (he couldn't come inside because we already have two cats which makes my husband keep his inhaler near him at all times) and he quickly filled out and started to calm down. However I still couldn't approach him or he ran away. Gradually I got him to trust me enough to let me pet him but he was very, very skittish and scared.

He quickly filled out to his current 12 pounds and calmed down once he knew food was going to be a regular provision. He still was desperate to come in and my cats really wanted to meet him. They touched noses a couple of times and looked at each other a lot through the back door window. Once Grey even tried to climb the downspout in order to come up to an upper porch where we were sitting. It didn't work but he didn't stop trying and crying. Over the next month or so I got so that he trusted me and let me pet him regularly and even pick him up. Now every time I go outside he demands pets and loveys before he even wants to eat.

The routine is... I put down the food, give a couple of minutes of pets and assurances that he's still loved and then he settles down to eat. DC has learned this schedule and so he always shows up. Now on the weekends Grey gets quality time with a lot of brushing and petting and he sits on my lap for a few minutes purring before jumping down and being on the alert again for DC to show up (which always happens). In one of the videos you can see that he is ever vigilant and watches the end of the porch where DC appears.


  1. Grey is so sweet! This story made me so sad. When a person loves animals so much, it's hard to understand people 'dumping' their pets. Hard times or not. I'm glad Grey ended up on a wonderful person's door step!

  2. OMG...I have tears in my eyes. How on earth anyone can "dump" a pet, I have no idea. What a sweet, handsome fellow Grey is - I love how his coat is that elegant silver color, and he has raccoon-stripes on his tail! Keeping fingers, paws and toes crossed for a forever home. Sharon, thank you for sharing and for looking out for this wonderful young man!

  3. Grey is such a wonderful, loving cat and I'm so very, very happy that you're taking him in!

    People who dump pets are the worst of the worst.

    I found a cat in our neighborhood who was just as loving and friendly as could be. The first few times I saw him I thought he had to be somebody's lost cat because he was so open and trusting with people. In our first encounter, I saw him, bent down to say hello, and he ran over for petting. After about two minutes, I had to go catch my bus to go to work, and he followed me for a whole block, yelling at the top of his voice that he wanted me to stay and pet him!

    After going door to door, posting signs, posting online, and calling shelters, I reluctantly realized that somebody had actually dumped the poor guy.

    I'd have taken him in an instant, except I've got serious allergies and sadly have to put my addiction to breathing first.

    When I put him in a box to take him over to a very good no-kill shelter that had space and agreed to take him, he was so scared, poor guy, but he never, ever, tried to claw me. (The box, on the other hand, got some serious shredding.)

    I'm glad to say that he was adopted and is doubtless filling a deserving home with all his love.

    Let's hope that Grey can get his happy ending, too!

  4. Awww, we love Mr. Grey!!! And, he purrs LOUD! We really hope that he findsa a home soon. The weather is starting to get chilly!

  5. Mr Grey is such a cutie! I can't believe people who dump their pets - I really get angry when I think about those things!

  6. Hello gang, how are ya??? That sweet Mr. Grey, he is indeed very cute and he is will find his forever home, I just know it. Just look at the love he has to offer..that won't go to waste. I really enjoyed the video too.



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