Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grey visits Doc Andrew

Post 2 for today (don't miss "Seriously grooming. Seriously!).

On Thursday we dragged a very, very unhappy Grey off to the vet. He yowled the entire ride up and back. Loudly. Very loudly. And clawed at the carrier with gusto, without missing a note.

Winnie and Peggy Sue came along for the ride... actually so Doc A could take a peek at Peggy Sue's spay (doing great) and check out Winnie's breathing (lungs still clear, but the poor baby still has sinus trouble) and get a urine sample to run for UTI (Winnie has been peeing outside the pan again sometimes - labs should be back Monday).

Peggy Sue got a little freaked out by Grey's vocalizing and then Winnie just melted my heart. The girls had gotten along well enough, sharing food dishes, laying near one another, etc. but I wouldn't have called them best buds. Once we were underway and Grey's cries reached a crescendo, Peggy Sue started to become anxious. Winnie nuzzled the back of her ear, her "friendly" spot at her temple, and then proceeded to lightly groom her. Peggy Sue visibly relaxed. Winnie leaned over for reassuring licks all the way to the vet.

Once we were in the exam room, I let Grey out of his carrier since Doc allows his patients to roam the waiting room and get comfy with it before he arrives on the scene. Roam he did and, when I turned my back to give the girls a little love since they were still carrier bound, the little stinker christened the exam room. Many paper towels later (and, when they came in and saw me mopping up, assurances from the staff that this happens all the time & they'd take care of the clean up) the exam began.

Heart, lungs, all vitals checked out fine. All limbs in good shape. And, our little bruiser weighed in at 14.5 pounds! We ran the FIV/FeLV test again, just to be sure. FeLV negative but, again, FIV positive. Grey had been vocalizing after peeing so we wanted to run a urine test on him, too. Unfortunately Grey had just disposed of said sample material all over the exam room floor.

Doc pronounced him to be quite healthy looking. The toe cut is healing well and, while the pad will never be "normal" he'll have full use of the paw again. Grey got an extra shot of antibiotic for the paw because we need to assume his FIV is real, not the result of a previous inoculation, and to combat any UTI that might be in the works.

Once everyone was back home it was clear Grey is very peeved with me. He forgets every now and again (like right now - he's rubbing up and looking for pets), but he's been a bit cooler since we got back. I figure he still thinks I need to earn his trust. No worries, we can comply! ;-) Mom Sharon has been checking in just about daily, btw!! Too bad there's no way to tell him how much she misses him!


  1. Aw poor Grey... Love his belly shot.

    The bit about Winnie comforting Peggy Sue just touched my heart... warm fuzzy time there.

  2. Awwww...good kitties, all around! (The "sprinkling" is totally understandable, considering the circumstances.) And would somebody please give that soft grey tummy a snorgle for me???

  3. Grey is just so adorable. I hope he is over his stress and sweet Peggy Sue and Winnie oh my.

    Please visit Monica'sBlog to see the latest on the Angel's. Lot's of good stuff! But we are still in need of loving homes...

  4. Oh Grey, you little trouble-maker! What will Doc A think? A handsome young gentleman never sprays in the room, and especially not in front of the girls! Then again, my Gambino tends to bite the v-e-t so I bet Doc A was happy to get away with just a bit of a mess in the corner, rather than a bloody hand :-)

    Winnie, sweet little Winnie, just melted my heart...the thought of her comforting Peggy Sue was just the sweetest thing ever! What a lovely sweet girl! Please give her (and all the rest) a huge hug from their Auntie Hyacinths!

  5. Oh have one of the most snorglable bellies I have ever seen *sigh* *swoon*

    I know you don't understand why the humans have to take you to the V-E-T, and it's OK to be offended at the indignity...but this means that the humans are taking good care of you. Even humans have to go to the doctor, and we don't like it either. It's hard to believe, but it's true ;-)

    And how precious is little Winnie? What a sweet, gentle, adorable girl.

  6. Oh poor little guy - sounds like he had a rough time at the vets. The girls being together is great - I am glad they can keep each other calm. I wish I could get the cats to do that when I take them but trying to double up in the carrier just leads to a lot of hissing. I hope that everyone who isn't well starts to feel better soon!

  7. It sounds like Winnie was a champ on this trip, calming things down.

    Can't say that we blame Gus - we don't like the vet either and we growl when we have to go.

    Charlemagne and Tamar



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