Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excitement at Chez Hannah

On Monday Monica wrote:
  • Today will be a big day in the foster home. Big Boy (now Jasper) will be going to his new home at Hannah's best friend, Meghan's house. It's not definite but we think they are considering adopting a second Angel. We are soooo excited that we almost can't believe how lucky we are because they are wonderful pet parents and we have no worries with them at all. Plus Hannah can visit and watch them become adult Angels. How could that have turned out any better? Even with all this joy Hannah had a rough night last night. She and I spent a lot of time with the kittens last night and then I let her have some time with them alone. When she came to say goodnight, she was filled with tears. We knew this would be difficult. It is so hard to see them go but we know these (two?) will have the best of care and an amazing home.
And, yes! It is two... Big Boy and Fluff are officially Meghan's!

The previous Thursday, they'd been to the vet, too (same day that Peggy Sue had their spay!). Here are just a couple of shots, blatantly stolen from Monica's blog. Head on over and see the rest! :-) I understand it was a real party... Abigail, all six of the Angels, Hannah, Monica and Sonia finally got to meet the good Doc!

So that means we've still got Cheeks, Baby, Big Girl, Percy, Peggy Sue, Aggie and Grey to place.


  1. So many kitties needing loving homes! I am sure the right people will come along soon! Good luck!

  2. So nice that two of the kittens get to stay together. We are purring the rest will find loving homes. ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & our doggie Fenris

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  4. Oh - how wonderful!! Yay for Big Boy and Fluff and their new forever home!

  5. So happy that two of the Angels have found their forever home :) We're keeping fingers and paws crossed for the rest of the space cadets to find forever homes...if my husband would let me adopt more cats, I would definitely add Miss Aggie and Percy to my "wish list" :)

  6. Oh I am so glad that they are taking two - kittens work better in pairs! They are all such cuties I am sure they will be scooped right up!

  7. Just a little update on the two Angels...Jasper(Big Boy) and Lucy (Fluff)....

    Jasper and Lucy are sooo happy in their new home and their new family just adores them. I will have to get some picture soon. It's almost like they were meant to be there:)



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