Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching up is haaard to do! (Should be a song, don't you think?) I must apologize to our blog friends, I'm trying but this is taking a bit longer than I thought!! If I haven't been by your blog yet, I'm a comin'!! I've missed keeping up with our friends, but little things like work and takin' care of the critters do come first. :-)

So, yet another quick post of current pics. At this point I think I'll save the "catchup with Space Paws" post for the weekend when I may actually have the time to do a half way decent job composing it. Anyhow here's what went on yesterday:

I made it to the top, but I'm not so sure about that board thing.

Nice view from here, though!

OK, down doesn't look quite as easy.

Now what is that little twerp, Percy, up to??

She's on the steps so let me try the board.

She's not moving... now how do I get off of here???

What's all the ruckus out there? Can't a man cat get some sleep around here?

Is the human man coming back or is this bed mine again?

Why, yes, I am incredibly handsome, aren't I? You're just noticing??

Percy and Aggie both tried out the new kitteh stairs and walk. Once she took the first step down (which took quite a while, as opposed to the decision to go up, which was almost instantaneous), Aggie delicately picked her way down, step by step... all the way down. She didn't skip a single step, even though it would have been a very easy jump anywhere along the way!

Percy thought he'd check out what Aggie was up to, but seemed to get a little nervous about half way across the walk. After debating for a bit, he chose to back up, all the way to the human staircase!! Of course while he was deciding, he had to ask the opinion of everyone around, quite loudly.

This disturbed Mr. Grey, who had resumed his ownership of the bed in the guest room. I think he misses dad, though, since he nuzzled the bed sheets folded up on the pillow!


  1. Looks like your Dad's building work was met with approval. And obviously the top stair is prime location for window gazing. :-)

  2. Oh the kitties are going to have so much fun once they get used to their new 'cat walk'! Lucky kitties!

  3. As a human with a massive fear of heights, I get the heebie jeebies just looking at these pictures and fully understand Percy's carefully backing up to the safety of the staircase!

  4. Oh, you has the nicest Opa. That looks really neat and fun. We are behind on our visiting to. We had fun catching up on your post. ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

  5. Leave it to our brave girl (Yay, Miss Aggie) to climb up to the top and claim the top step :) As for Percy, sweet boy, I love the thought of him backing up slowly all the way back to safety :) Our Bino (the clumsiest cat in the world) does the same thing on windowsills, instead of turning around he just backs up with a bewildered look.

    Mr. Grey is looking so manly all sprawled out on the bed like that...he is such a handsome young gentleman :)

    Your space cadets always bring a huge smile to my face...thank you :)

  6. Intrepid Miss Aggie! Looks like the new stairs and catwalk are a hit.

  7. Very cool. Miss Aggie and Percy are quite adventurous. I could definitely see 9 backing up to the stairs just like Percy :D

  8. Now I like the looks of those climbing spots, I do believe I'd have to try that!

  9. That's an amazing kitty tower and cat walk! Yay for Miss Aggie and Percy being so brave to explore it. Looks like you're enjoying having the whole big bed to yourself, Mr. Grey.

    Have a great weekend,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  10. I'll bet Mr. Grey is saying "Hey I need a king sized bed! I AM the king you know." He sure looks happy (and gorgeous).



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