Friday, September 25, 2009

Party time with the Angels

Some more goings on from our little party with the Angels...

And here's the gorgeous view from the Angel's window. Lucky little buggers...

Posts may be a little short for the next couple of weeks. It's our busy time at work but I'll do my best to keep you up to date!!


  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks very much for your comment, you know, there's nothing cuter than kitten pics!! and I'm such a sucker for cat rescue people too. I was a rescue cat too.

    I just can't imagine how you manage to give them away!! :-) Thanks you from all your kittens for the work that you do.


  2. Oh my gosh! I remember when my Q was that little and I could only use one finger to pet him. Sigh... so darn cute!

    oh, and Lisa, I probably won't get my internet clay shop up until January. If you want any of the chopstick rests, just let me know. I can ship them to you and such. I think you have my email, so just let me know!


  3. Hi Lisa, and thanks for the cuteness. What a fabulous window-perch; I am jealous!

    Good luck with work craziness. Really, though, how rude! Don't they know you have oodles of cuteness and tons of fluffiness waiting for you at home?! Sheesh! *giggle*

  4. Thanx for the cute overload!!! Also, that sure is some spectacular view!!! We hope you all ahve a wonderfurl weekend!

  5. Oh my, the little angels are so cute indeed! I love that view from the window, they will appreciate more when they get older.

  6. Ok, I am falling down from the cute! And we understand about short posts and busy time at work. Just a few pics now and then will hold us over :)

  7. Oh those tiny little angels are just getting cuter and cuter by the day :)

    Good luck with the work crazies...It's the same over here :(



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