Sunday, September 27, 2009



  1. Sweet pictures! We're going to go take a nap now....:::yawn:::

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. What a lovely blanket and so thoughtful! It's means so much when someone makes something. Handmade/homemade make the best gifts! Thank you so much Margaret. I just love how Fred, Percy and Aggie went right to it, animals know! It's so sweet to see Aggie. She is so expressive! The little Angels are so snuggly. Love the shots of them Lisa. Hugs, sonia

    p.s. Marlene to card is just adorable. Love the pink ears!

  3. They might be young, but they sure got that nap thing go kids!

  4. Aww Blatchley...stop, or I won't be able to get my head out the door ;-) As I told Lisa, it was a labor of love and just seeing these wonderful precious ones snuggled up with the blankie is 100x payback for any effort I put in. (Animals do tend to repay human efforts about 100 times over, I've found.)

    I still have an obscenely large yarn stash just crying out to be put to work for animals so...I'll keep the blankies coming. Also, remember that old/threadbare towels and cloths (clean) can be helpful for shelters and fosters too. Lisa and Space Paws will be at the top of my "hey, d'ya need any blankies?" list whenever blankies become available ;-)

  5. Oh my gosh they are such cuties!!! I don't think I can even express it - so adorable!!

  6. May I please crawl into that kitten pile and take a nap with them?



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