Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ziggy Remembered

Sundown has posted the first installment of Ziggy's story at Sundown's Little Corner.

We've all seen the positive effect that the web can have on lives - just the sharing of ordinary folk with one another can be very powerful. I join with you, Sundown, in my wish that Ziggy's story might serve to help raise awareness of FeLV/FIV and comfort others who have walked, or are walking, the same path. What a fitting memorial to a wonderful companion!

Sundown, Kitty Chair and Waterdragon, we have been very honored that you've shared your journey with us!

Hugs from everyone at Space Paws!


  1. Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate the opportunity to get Ziggy's story out there.

    Keep up all the good work you and your loyal readers are doing!

  2. Hugs coming from the Misanthrope zoo too. I will be right over to read Ziggy's story!

  3. We have raised 2 marmies with FIV, it seems to be common in that breed. Jake or Jakey J was 12 when he passed from stomach cancer and thus far Andy is fine. We do the testing on all regularly and everyone is fine.


  4. We just went through waiting on the test with Virgil when he was sick last week - we were lucky that he was negative. It is such a sad story but good for everyone to know. Even though we have had our cats all tested (some more than once) it is always in the back of my mind - what if the test was wrong, or if they were too little to be 100% sure it would show up yet.

  5. I know what you mean Amy, we go through the same process.

    Aunty Pol

  6. By the way, for anyone who's been following the saga, I thought you would like to know that all of Sundown's other fur-children have now tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Their vet wants both Hubbard and Treelo to come back in 2 months to re-test, just to be absolutely sure, but as you can imagine the whole family was very relieved to get some reassurance that history is not going to repeat itself anytime soon.



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