Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet'n'Greet, Part III

I don't know quite what's wrong with her, but the woman is just staring at the screen. Her eyes are kind of glassy. She keeps muttering, "Sleep or blog... sleep or blog."

I think that thing she calls *#%& work did this to her because she started going there again yesterday... and leaving us alone with mom for hours and hours and hours. What does "*#%&," mean anyway?

Oh, well, I guess it is up to me then. I'm not real good at this so I'll just show you a few pictures of what we really liked about the meet'n'greet...

Human cat trees!

This one was really neat. He would get up and down! An elevator cat tree!

My brother liked this one, too, because she would give him a nice, wide perch... even if she didn't go up and down like the other one!

This was the first one. A lot of people made that squealy noise when she let me find a perch. She was a cat tree almost the whole time we were there. Sometimes I wanted to move over to the flowers but she was really quick for a human and wouldn't let me.

And I was never sure whether this one really wanted to be a cat tree, but I guess so 'cause he did it a lot for me and my brothers and even Ginny! No elevator action from this one, either, but there was always a nice view from up here.

The woman is starting to slump over so I better go now before she squashes me.

Maybe Percy will tell you more later!


  1. Night Night Darlins....Aunty P had to check in before the 87'th eleventy billionth sleeps we drag her off to...we lurvs our Mommeh .

    Munchkin, Loki, Xeni, Boshi, Andy and Gracie Marie

  2. Aww Georgie Porgie...you handsome heartbreaker, you. You will find that humans are useful for a multitude of purposes! You are too young to know what !#$% means, but don't worry - it's what we humans do in order to be able to bring home the kibble.

    Definitely give your human mom a rest and let Percy tell us some stories! (PS, Lisa - glad you are liking my vacation writeup! Key West is definitely a unique experience. We do travel there in the offseason, aka hurricane season, which runs June - November. Everything is much cheaper then, and things are a lot less crowded. *touch wood* We have been lucky with avoiding hurricanes. I would love to visit there in Jan/Feb, since that's when it's really miserable here in MD and I need some sunshine!)

  3. Oh George, my sweet handsome George! You're doing a fabulous job reporting the events of the meet 'n greet! Glad that you and your siblings are taking over some of the reporting activities and letting "the woman" get some rest...no need to worry your pretty little head about terrible things like "*#%& work"...just make sure "the woman" gets to *#%& work on time every day so she can afford all the food and treats and toys that your heart desires ;-) Actually, maybe you and your siblings can go over to her and give her a big hug and lots of purrs and headbuts and cuddles...they're known to work miracles when us humans are stressed out and bogged down with work :-)

    Hugs to all of you, and "the woman" too!

  4. human trees are awesome! charlie the puggy girl loves to sit on the backs of our armchairs so she can see everything that's going on. most of the time it's fine, but sometimes she kicks me in the head!

  5. Human trees are really great, aren't they? So glad that you had such a fun time with them.

  6. Oh for the days my Banjo would/could sit on my shoulder. Now he's too big! Looks like you all had fun!

  7. George thanks for giving us another does of the meet n greet - it looks like you guys (and gal) had a lot of fun! I wish I could have been there to meet you too!



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