Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're Overwhelmed!

Just want to let you know how much your notes of support for Gus and offers of even more support have meant! I'm not kidding, overwhelmed is the word!

We'll keep you posted as events unfold and put the word out at the 'tute, too, of course!

Hugs to everyone from Gus, Lisa and all the Space Paws Crew!


  1. Yes, please keep us posted! Purrs and headbutts from my cats to yours!

  2. I forgot to check up on your blog over the weekend and just read about Gus. The poor kitty! I hope he gets better. That broken leg looks awful. My parents have an orange & white boy also named Gus (from the Cats musical). I'm glad you found him and could help him. He looks like he's full of love. Please keep us updated and if you need any help, we're here.

  3. Not long ago, I wished Sundown and KittyChair could adopt one of our own from hubblespacepaws. I know that is selfish, but after reading about Ziggy and the love you shared for him, I wished they could all be loved like the wonderful Ziggy! So, when I read the post from KittyChair about making a trip from CO to MD, it made me smile! A very nice thought!

  4. Blatchley, that's so sweet! A nice thought, indeed... not least because it would mean I'd get to be Gus's aunt! LOL

    And just to toss an interesting tidbit out there--did you know that a cat's purr can actually help broken bones heal? (Hopefully that augurs well for Gus, since he seems to be a purring champ!)

  5. Please keep us posted! He is super kyute!!!

  6. Well, I am a few days behind due to stupid computers so I just finally learned about Gus - he is such a cutie! I hate to say this but I almost hope you don't find owners because it sounds like he needs a better home than whatever he had before - and I know you can find that for him. He deserves a wonderful, loving home, especially after all he is going through. We will send our purrs (from the cats) and prayers and good thoughts (from me) but if you need anything else to help him out let me know - not sure what I could do from this far away but heck I can sure try.

    And boy, Abigails babies are so cute - I can't believe how adorable they are! That video just made me want to snuggle the whole pile!

  7. Waterdragon687, Kittychair and Sundown,
    Hey, just a quick note, sometimes my name shows up Sonia and sometimes Blatchley.
    Also, I want to post a picture soon because one of hairy kids looks like he is related to Ziggy. My Goodness they look like brothers. What would that make us? Smile!



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