Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's all be with Ziggy, Sundown and their family, in spirit, tomorrow

One of the most special things I've seen in my years following adoption blog communities is our ability to come together to support one another, especially in difficult times. Ziggy and his family will need our support tomorrow. Sundown wrote to us last night:

It's been a rough few days for us, and to see and read all the support from your readers was quite touching.

It is then with a heavy heart that I tell you that we have made the difficult decision to help Ziggy on his journey to the next world. While it has been very comforting to have him home, his breathing is slowly becoming more labored and he is beginning to show all the classic signs of being near the end. And we do not want him to suffer for our sake. So, we have contacted a very nice local vet who specializes in at-home euthanasia to come and take good care of our special little boy. Wednesday at noon MDT is the chosen time. We are planning a private cremation, with his ashes returned to us so he can stay close to our hearts.

If you would like to update your readers on him, we would be very honored to have you do so.

Thank you again for you and your group's support,


  1. I think it's great that you're able to bring in a vet to what needs to be done. That way he's in comfortable and familiar surroundings instead of being terrified at going to the vet's. I hope that if the time ever comes to put my own cats down to prevent further suffering that the vet can come to my home.

    We'll keep you in our thoughts through this tough time.

  2. I have sent Purrs to the Rainbow Bridge for Ziggy.

    " May your days be filled with catnip and cream . May your fur always gleam , soft paw pads to glide on , feathers to tease and your heart be at ease."

    Blessed Be Little Heart.

  3. We are all sending our purrs and prayers to Ziggy and his family. We know it is a difficult decision for them to make. They will be in our hearts, especially tomorrow. I am sure Ziggy knows that he is loved very much.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this...we will be sending hugs and purrs to Ziggy and his family and I will ask my angel Mooshi to look out for Ziggy when he passes over the rainbow bridge!

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  6. Sending thoughts, prayers and purrs to Ziggy and his family. I'll ask my angel Q to join Mooshi in greeting Ziggy when he crosses the Rainbow Bridge!

  7. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Ziggy now and tomorrow as he continues onto another journey. I truly believe we still have all of those who have passed still with us but in a different form. Ziggy will be with you beyond tomorrow and knows you have provided a wonderful life for him while he was here.

  8. Hard choices, but they have to be made. My vet also came to my home when it was my little Pepper's time to go. It made it so much less stressful for everyone involved.

  9. We send big rumbly purrs to Ziggy and his family at this sad time. Ziggy sweetheart we sing you to The Bridge

    Whicky Wuudler

  10. Oh...I am so very sorry to read this. (I was on vacation and didn't get to write or visit, so I'm playing catchup.)

    My thoughts are with Ziggy and his family. Godspeed to you, little Ziggy, and may wonderful memories of you keep your family comforted until you all meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Run free and play at the Bridge in the meantime; I've asked my beloved pets who are there to welcome you.

  11. Ziggy, what a wonderful boy! You are very loved and still very loved! Thank you for the beautiful memories! Ziggy, Godspeed and may my beloved pets welcome you there too with open paws!



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