Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A day of transition

Our thoughts and prayers will be with Ziggy, Sundown, waterdragon and their family today. Sundown wrote to us again and included the picture, above, of Ziggy. I think I speak for our little community when I say we are all stronger when we pause for a moment to support one another. So many of us have had heartbreaking moments with the companions we love, that we just want to be there for you!

Here's Sundown's letter:


Your kind words are very welcome. We appreciate them, more than you can know.

It's kind of funny, writing and talking about him is somehow rather therapeutic for me. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but all the reading I have done lately on grief and grief counseling says that by talking about him and telling his story to other people, that makes it somewhat easier to write "The End" and close the book of his life. That then begins paving the way for a new book to begin in the future for a new addition to our family. That resonated with me very strongly, so I gave it a try. And I can tell you here and now it does work. So I do not mind writing and sharing my memories of Ziggy with all of you.

It has been a day filled with love and sadness, and a little good news. We got our older male cat, Hubbard, tested for FIV/FeLV and he is negative on both counts. That was a ray of sunshine for us, and our family vet tells us that Treelo is most likely negative as well, since she is an older cat and older cats can fight off the virus much better. We're not out of the woods yet, but I think I can see the tree-line from here.

My sister is here, seeing Ziggy for the last time. She wanted to come and we were happy to accommodate her. She's in right now sitting with Ziggy and my wife, and they are talking about him. It is good to have family here with us. My parents are driving nine hours tomorrow and Thursday morning to be with us after Ziggy is gone. It will also be good to have them here. I don't know if my sister told you but we are also in the process of buying a house and preparing to move. My parents will most likely stay for several days and help us get our packing back on track after our huge detour. Something and someone else to concentrate on will be helpful for us.

You are welcome to pass along this that I gave you today. I am also attaching a picture of Ziggy to include in your post.

The post from earlier is very nice. We appreciate it.



  1. This is a beautiful picture of Ziggy. It brings many emotions of sorrow and joy. It's so sad to lose him but so comforting to know you and your very caring family. Thank you Waterdragon and Ziggy, for bringing them to us. My heart go out to you and your lovely family! May the wonderful memories bring both hope and joy!

  2. The Little Kitten standing tall waiting for Ziggy at Rainbow Bridge is so heartwarming! What a lovely gesture Lisa!

  3. Lisa...I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing Ziggy's story with us. I am so sorry that I missed the lead-up to this (except for yesterday's post) because I was away; I'm catching up now, slowly.

    Nothing can ever make up for the loss of a beloved friend and loyal companion, but I hope that Ziggy's family will find some comfort in the love and support from your readers, and of course, in their wonderful memories of life with Ziggy. My thoughts are with them today.

    Fair winds and following seas to the Rainbow Bridge, dear Ziggy.

  4. I don't know what to say except that I'll be thinking of you, Waterdragon, and all those who will join you (in person or in spirit) to say goodbye to your Ziggy.

  5. Our prayers are with Ziggy , his family and everyone here.

    Aunty Pol , SU , Munchkin, Xena, Boschka, Loki, Andy and Gracie Marie.

  6. Our hearts and prayers are with you today.

  7. Our love, our prayers, our thoughts, our tears are with Ziggy and his family today...we know how heartbreaking it is to say goodbye to a beloved friend, but sometimes the final act of kindness is to help them gently cross over to the rainbow bridge where they can be free of pain and frolic around with all the other angels up there. Hugs for all, and my kitties send loving purrs to Ziggy and his family.

  8. Thanks for loving him as much as you obviously do.

  9. Our thoughts and hearts and purrs and prayers are with Ziggy and his family on this difficult day. We know he was loved very much.



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