Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miss Aggie Takes On the Feathers

I've been promising a video of Miss Aggie for a while now. Today, the opportunity presented itself. Our Miss Aggie discovered the new stash of peacock feathers, oh, about 23.4 seconds after they arrived at the house. (Thank you, Sonia!) Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera near while she delicately plucked two of them out of the stack. She's usually a more energetic player but, then, it's quite hot today. That may have slowed her down a bit. The hissing sound in the background is a fan - we are not blessed with air conditioning here.

Our girl's surgery was delayed... she went back into heat over the weekend and is just coming out of it now. *sigh* She's been rescheduled for 8/13. Poor little thing... I know she'll be so relieved when it is over. She doesn't enjoy being in heat any more than we enjoy having her in heat. It's a good thing my neighbors were gone these past few days!

Aggie is getting on very well with Winnie now. They are eating and napping next to one another. Bitty is still cautious, but tolerant. Annie, however, is still a ball full of hisses. But then Annie has always taken some time to adjust to new animals. I'll have to try to get some pics of Aggie interacting with the General Population for you!


  1. My Cleo loves to play with the peacock feathers also.Abigail does not seem interested. She actually loves to play with Hannah's field hockey ball. If you've ever heard a field hockey ball rolling across hardwood floors you know how loud it is. Especially when she is above the living room. We have to smile when we hear it because we know she is in her room playing and probably trying to get our attention. She hasn't been playing with it as much since the kittens were born (I think she just wants relax since she has 6 kittens to feed and love).

  2. Oh she is so adorable! It is so funny at the begining when she is looking away from the camera, and you can only see this white kitty with a dark stripey tail! It is only when she rolls over that you see the dark spots and it makes more sense that she has that tail! It is just so cute the way she is just barely spotted!

  3. She looks like she is doing well - sleek and shiny! What a pretty little cat.

  4. I am so excited that my sweet Miss Abigail has someone lined up to adopt her...I'm so happy for her, she's always been one of my absolute favorites and I'm ecstatic that she'll have her very own forever-home!



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