Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kittens Up A Tree... And a Surprise Opening!

When they first invaded Kitchenland, the kittens didn't quite seem to know what to make of the old cat tree that had been relegated to the basement. It took less than 24 hours for it to become their favorite place. Every single time I've come down yesterday and today, they've been lounging on it.

Fred and Percy chill in the tube.
Ginny and George stretch out on Level 1.

(Mostly) Sleeping kittens. Only Fred bothered to open his eyes when I came down today. :-)

Oh, they are getting so big... and they're still so tiny. The boys have all crested the 2 pound mark and Ginny is a mere 3oz away. Because they have a mommy, we're content for them to wait and go in together for... gulp... their spa treatment. We'll be checking in with the doc tomorrow for dates.

The kittens have discovered mutual grooming (or at least I'm seeing it more now) and our little George is the big washer of the bunch. Any quiet sibling in close proximity gets a bath. He's such a quiet little thing, often chilling out and watching his siblings scramble about. It's not that he doesn't like to play - he does, and gets into it wholeheartedly at times, but he's a bit more laid back and seems to enjoy some "alone" time.

So now to the big surprise! Although there aren't new pics today, Monica posted a very exciting One Week Birthday update on Abigail's Angels:

"We didn't think it was possible but one of Abagail's Angels have already opened their eyes! Yesterday Hannah noticed that one of the kittens had just a little hint of eye opening and low and behold today on the one week old birthday we have a kitten with open eyes. We immediately did a little online research and learned 8 to 10 days is about normal so we have a slightly early eye opener. We were surprised to learn that shorthaired cats eyes open earlier than longhaired cats. AND Hannah was excited that our early bird also has started to play and roll over for a belly scratch and in the process was playfully biting his own paw!!!! Happy One Week Birthday the Abagail's Angels. "


  1. Aww..we call that " Cubing the kittehs.

    Hurrah for eye openings...our Loki did the one eyed Jack at 6 days...

    goofy grin on face

    Love and Hugs to all from Houston

  2. That old tree looks mightly fine to me and they seem to be loving it.... they sure do look happy and content....what great pictures! Can't wait to see new pics. of Abagail's Angels as they view of their new world!

  3. Oh they all look so cute in the tree! I am glad that they figured it out. And it is nice to hear about the new itty bitty's too - and the whole short hair/long hair eye thing - I had no idea. Very interesting - cute pictures and I learned something!

  4. Oh that last picture just melted my heart...a puddle of kittens...sleepy adorable kittens...sigh...nothing in this world cuter than kittens...



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