Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh boy! They like kibble! They really like kibble! Good for the hooman... it can go down 24/7. Wow, they are so on their way to weaning!


  1. Glad that the new item on the menu is such a huge success :)

    That last bit of the video with three squished kitten heads gobbling up kibble is just too adorable for words! I always set out 3 food dishes with identical dry kibble in all 3, but at least once a day I see 3 adult cat heads squished into the same small dish.

  2. it may be heavenly now, but little do they know that they'll soon be condemned to a lifetime of that boring dry kibble with an occasional spattering of wet food.

  3. I wonder if they are going to scoop out of the bowl with their paws the way Andu does....I spent the whole weekend dipping up wet food but Xena is eating and all the others are her new BFF's.

    Hugs and Headbutts



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