Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy 6 week + 1 day Birthday

Weigh-ins are getting to be a staple of this site, I guess. :-)

I'm not sure how I missed weighing the guys on Monday, but here is last night's adventure. They are getting so big! Miss Ginny's growth has slowed a bit and she's right at the "normal" benchmark, so I'll have to keep an eye on her. The other three are comfortably above the norm. The kittens are eating up everything in sight, though... that big bowl of food at then end of the clip was gone in no time flat, even without mommy helping! I forgot to bring down the plastic bowl for the weigh in and grabbed one from the downstairs kitchen... I see why stonewear isn't a good choice for this activity. ;-)

And there's a quick shot of Mapleland. Yes the bars have come down and the kittens have the run of the room! They are into everything! That roll of paper towels you see on the table was shredded, and all over the basement, this morning. *sigh* I'll learn!

I'm not sure they're entirely comfortable with this much run room, yet. I suspect they don't feel quite as safe, but they need to get used to the big wide world sooner or later. I must have startled them this morning because, to a kitten, they hissed at me and dove under the chairs when I came in! :-( They were never afraid of me when they were in the compound and I know I startled them a couple of times there! *sigh* And yes, they came out after a few minutes. The "curiosity" saying about cats does, indeed, have a basis in fact. ;-)

PS - I really have to learn to breathe through my nose when filming!! I remember being coached in a college public speaking course to breath through the nose when speaking into a microphone - I keep forgetting, but I understand the advice now!


  1. Happy 6 weeks + 1 day, little Maples!

    They are just all so cute, but I think my heart belongs to George...little George with his red lips...sigh...I love them all, but I love George just a teensy bit more :)

    Love the newly expanded must seem HUGE to the little babies :)

  2. What a ginormous jump !

    I can see the babies on ICHCB...

    " I are kitteh..not nom nom nom ."

    Kisses and scritches to all

  3. Oh Happy 6 week 1 day Birthday! They are getting so big - but right now they are at that perfect kitten-y stage - super cute but able to interact better. Such a fun age!

  4. That little jump off the table at the end was pretty impressive for a one pound and something baby!



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