Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fred Grooms

I forgot to mention yesterday that the triangular thingy is officially known has the Hartz Flip'n'Fun. It even comes in a triangular box (which the Maples find fascinating...two toys for the price of one!).

You haven't gotten many individual videos of the Maples lately, so I got two videos tonight that are up close and personal. Here's the first one of Fred, grooming.

Mapleland is proving to be quite a challenge to keep clean! The kittens seemed to be so much neater when it was just the Casa/courtyard! I don't remember Bitty's children being quite this messy... I'm forever sweeping/mopping/wiping up, just to turn around and say, "What's that???" In just a couple of hours they can get bits of gunk everywhere (mom, Peggy Sue, pitches in by working on the cardboard scratcher, too). Or maybe it's just that they have so much more space over which to strew bits! Hmmmm... I didn't have kids of my own and I suspect this is what parents across the planet experience! I've tried not to vacuum, so as not to scare the little ones, but I'm considering popping them in a carrier and going for it!


  1. They are just the sweetest things! I love all your updates.

  2. Oh my heart just melted...little Fred, grooming away, with that little pink tongue and those adorable pink paw pads...he does seem to only wash that one particular spot though :)

    By the way, Bino really appreciated your offer of help...please send the ferocious furrballs over as soon as possible...maybe Fred can lick Evil Statue Kitty into submission :)

  3. Fred is a very consciencious groomer!

  4. Lisa,
    Ginny, George, Fred and Percy and Peggy Sue, Agnes, are so blessed to have YOU! Thank you over and over again for all that you do and for your kind and giving heart! I hope and pray we find homes exactly like yours to give love and a safe place to prance their four little legs around..... Love all you posts. Sometimes I don't comment, but I don't miss anything you put out there about our little guys and big guys. Big hug, sonia

  5. Aw, so sweet! Thanks for the video.

  6. Oh they are such cuties! And I can sympathize with you on the cleaning - I spend a lot of time cleaning up after my 5, and only one of them is a kitten. I think some cats are just more messy!



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