Sunday, July 19, 2009

George Deconstructs the Gate

Oh, it is soooo good to be back with the critters! Here's a shot of what I walked in on when I returned. They've almost outgrown the little red velvet thingy!

Aggie is doing fine, by the way. I really need to bring you some more pics and maybe a video, if she'll cooperate. Her spay is scheduled for the 30th and we're going to crank up paper publicity next week (a bit later than originally planned, but life hasn't gone exactly as planned, either!).

Thanks again to Yunlin! Yes, that was clearly a flea marching its bold self across Percy's head in the video! Yuck!! Aggie brought a couple fleas in with her... all the adult cats in the house have had Frontline since then and I've tried to be aggressive about control. I'm not happy to see that (at least) one has migrated to the kittens. We'll have a good session with the flea comb tomorrow on all the critters. I didn't see any on them tonight, but fleas are sneaky devils. I, however, am tenacious! This is war! The babies are too young for chemical warfare, but we have other means, and aren't afraid to use them!!

Here's a clip of George for you and a few stills taken last weekend. I can't believe how much they've grown in just 4 days! I'll bring you more tomorrow!


  1. You're welcome. :)
    I just hope that the kittens won't fush too much with the combing...
    Maybe the'll even like it? XD

  2. oh my goodness, those pictures are sooooooo adorable! they really show off their beautiful stripes. and they look so content as they sleep. george is so funny as he works on his escape route. welcome back, missed you!

  3. They are so cute. And I have to keep constantly reminding myself how little they still are. George is on a mission!

  4. Look at all that orange and pink kitty goodness! YOW!!

    Hey Lisa.. our shelter uses Revolution on the babies to treat fleas and earmites. I don't know the minimum age, but our fosters always receive it before coming home with us. Just a couple of drops, I believe. You may want to ask your vet/consultant.

  5. Oh sweet little troublemaker George...why am I not surprised that he's the one who's trying to bring down the walls?

    The pictures are just too precious...piles of orange and white fluffiness with *gasp* pink paw pads...sigh...melting here from all the cuteness :)

  6. aww, i love how the boys are all awake, and ginny is sleeping. she knows she's safe with 3 brothers around.

  7. Oh, how sweet they look when they're asleep... it's easy to forget what little troublemakers they can be when they're awake!

  8. AWWWWW! So cute! And good luck battling the fleas - I know it was hard with just one kitten - I can't imagine how it will be for you. I did learn (although you probably know a better way) that if you comb them with some wet papertowels handy and a ziplock baggie, you can trap the fleas easily - wipe them into the towel and shove it in the baggie quickly. They are slippery and the wet towel helps catch them. And I am sure you probably know to watch for tapeworm segments too since they can get it if they are cleaning themselves and accidently swallow a flea that is a carrier - gross but not dangerous. Again, I am sure you know all this but I always like to be sure because a lot of people don't know the worm thing.



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