Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Sleeping Thing - More Complicated Than You Might Think

A guy can't even get a solo nap around here. I get myself perfectly comfortable and then little sis moves in on me. She changes position often enough there's no help for it, I've got to wake up and reconnoiter. The solution? Yet another perfect kitten pile.
Buff Boy


  1. LOL! It's a good thing Buff boy doesn't wake up grouchy. Sweeeeet! Thanks for that early on a Tues. morn!

  2. Like my daughter always says, "There is nothing cuter than a Kitten!"

  3. Plonk..thud...mah head just exploded from all the cuteness . They are all sooooo cute...I see Buff Boy and for some reason want to call him Buster..go fig.

    Hugs and Headbutts from Houston

  4. Aw that is so cute - kitten piles are so awesome!

  5. Sleepin' IS hard work. That's why we cats need so much practice at it ;)

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Oh kitten piles...and pink paw pads...and little sleeping piles of fluff...too much cuteness...must take a break before I melt into a puddle...



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