Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peggy Sue shot and, yes, three more videos!

Finally a decent shot of Peggy Sue. I desperately need a photography course!! :-) Peggy was not in the mood to sit still. She just wanted lovin' up, which, of course, I was happy to provide! I'll work on Aggie shots tomorrow. Or maybe a video... they are easier for the photographically challenged.

Next, I turned my attention to the "double-wide" and what do I see? Orange Guy #2 chomping on Buff Boy! I'd only seen the kittens wrestling once before. This is kind of a blurry shot, but it's the only one I got off before they quit.

I tried tickling him to encourage him to do it again for a video, but no go. He didn't even want to chomp my finger... and I wound up quiting rather abruptly, not intending to post. But he's so cute I just had to put it up. :-) I do have an unfortunate tendency to speak in that treacley baby-talk-sing-song when they're being adorable... sorry! :sigh:

Then I moved the kittens to the red velvet thingy so I could change out the bedding in the double-wide and when I turned around, Orange Guy #1 (I think) was half way out. I thought it was going to be the first escape to the great expanse, otherwise known as the rust lawn furniture cushion...

After this, I loved up on Peggy Sue some more. When I turned around, Little Girl was already most of the way out! The camera was on the lawn chair cushion so I just pushed the record button and hoped for the best. (Please forgive all the stuff in the background. I'd packed up some of my aunt's things for charity and they were in the line of sight.)


  1. Aha! Such delight! Little Girl is a pioneer, soon they will all be escaping in all directions at once!

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. they are all so cute! how do you get anything done? i love buff boy, that color is so pretty and he looks so sweet. oh, kittens...i love them so.

  3. Yay little girl!! Somehow I knew she'd be the most adventurous of the bunch.

  4. very sweet! in the last video clip, i can't tell if it's orange boy #1 or #2, he's really keeping an eye on his sister. it's too funny! and it's great to see Peggy Sue !!! hugs to Aggie!

  5. I LOVE your videos. And if anyone can interact with kittens and not use the treacly voice, there's something wrong with them.

    Little girl kitty's sidewinder ears and Christmas tree tail are just the best.

  6. These videos just get cuter by the watching them so much...the tiny brave little girl just about finished me off...out exploring the big wide world, and looking so wide-eyed and adorable! By the way, they all look like they're wearing lipstick...too cute for words :) Oh, and I don't think it's possible to talk to kittens (or cats) without the "baby talk" voice...even my husband does it :)

    Oh, and I love Peggy Sue's picture...she looks like she's just such a little sweetheart.

  7. Wow they are turning into little cats already! I love the look in the little boy's eyes while you are tickling his tummy! It's like, "Are you my mommy?"

  8. They are just too cute. Leave it to the baby girl to be the most adventurous!

  9. Yay Peggy Sue! And the kittens are so adorable!



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