Monday, June 8, 2009

Peggy Sue is Giving Birth As I Type!!!!

Well, I guess we won't be seeing the vet today after all! Just got home to scoop her and Miss Aggie up and head on over and got quite the surprise! Only two kittens so far but they look hale and hearty and are nursing to beat the band!!

The tests will just have to wait for Peggy Sue, but I'll take Aggie over for her shots now! More as soon as I get back (& can pry myself away from the little darlings)!!!!



  1. Wow! Go Peggy Sue! You are doing great!

  2. excellent, peggy peggy peggy sue!!! at least you weren't in route to the vet when she starting have her little darlings. i wanted to post earlier about your photos of Peggy Sue but was at the hospital this morning and part of the afternoon our Mom. she is having heart pains and will be staying overnight at the hospital to find out what's going on. i am optimistic she will be feeling better soon! all the tests so far are coming back with good news! please pray for her and our Peggy Sue and her new little sweeties.

    The photos of Peggy Sue are soooo wonderful. She looks so happy! can't wait to see photos of the little ones. so excited! very happy she's at your safe haven and in the nick of time. god bless!

  3. and that pictures of Aggie is so so funny! she put her play ball in the food dish all the time at my house. at first, i said, hmmm.. how'd that get there.. now i know... what a silly funny girl! i see that peacock feather is providing some fun to her too. i can supply more on demand. so happy the little darlings are alive and nursing to beat the band...... more later.

  4. Oh goodness...way to go Peggy Sue! Can't wait to see pictures of your itty bitties :)

    Sonia - sort to hear your mom is in the hospital...saying a prayer for her rigth now.

  5. Oh how cool! I am so happy she is there and safe and her babies can come into the world in a nice,clean,dry place. Can't wait to see the pictures. As Sonia mentioned our Mom is in the hospital and it's been one of those days where you kind of feel sad and worried. Peggy Sue's good news is a bright spot in this otherwise not so bright day. Thank you over and over....and some more!

  6. I love not only that you're doing this, but that you clearly have tons of support from friends and family. You are all angels.

    Kisses to Aggie and Peggy. Here's hoping for a healthy litter.



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