Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Goodness! You have Grown! Part II

Here's the promised weigh in from yesterday. This is the first litter I've weighed and it still doesn't seem "natural." I try to keep it quick because, as you can tell, the little ones are highly indignant at having been removed from their soft, warm home and being thrust onto the hard, unwelcoming scale. And they are vocal about it! (As for myself, I'm noticing an annoying tendency to go all "sing-songy baby talk" on them! Oh well, what can I say? They turn me to mush!)

Fortunately, Mamma Peggy Sue has not seemed distressed at all by this little ritual. Perhaps because she can see what's happening, and perhaps because this was the 6th time they'd been weighed in their little lives... and the babies always come back to her quickly. :-)

So I added this morning's weights to the chart I'd been keeping and decided to go semi-geeky on you...

The "twins" are tracking remarkably closely, with both weighing in at 5.7 this morning. That's 2 days in a row they've been exactly the same weight! The "usual growth" baseline is from Kitten-Rescue. Kitten-Rescue had a specific chart, up to 8 weeks of age, so I used it... but most sites said the little guys should double their birth weight in the first two weeks, and many said triple it in three, which agreed to the Kitten-Resuce chart. I'm guessing the Kitten-Rescue weights are a little lower than our gang will track, because that site is addressing bottle fed orphans.



  1. A big thank you to Elaine for her suggestion about uploading the videos through YouTube. Much faster!

    Plus, it's another way to get the word out if someone who is adoption minded should happen upon the babies at YouTube!

  2. You guys are the best!!! I don't even want to think about Peggy Sue being out there all on her own with these babies!!!

    Hugs to all -- humans included!!! And an extra-special hug to Agnes!

  3. This was just too cute...they are so tiny but so utterly the way, as soon as I started the video, and the tiny little "mews" started up, my girl kitty jumped up on my desk and started looking for the babies :)

  4. I love the videos, thank you for sharing!

  5. I can't stop giggling at the complaints! Even though the girl is smallest, she's loud enough not to be forgotten. :)



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