Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Goodness! You Have Grown! Part I

While Peggy Sue was nursing, I noticed just how much larger the kittens seemed to be. Here's a quick clip of them with their momma. Tomorrow I'll post the weigh in. :-)



  1. Oh my gosh!!! They DO look so much bigger! And fluffier!!!

  2. Lordy! They're huge-ish! All the caregivers are doing a beautiful job. And I'm in love with Peggy Sue.

  3. Only a week old or so and getting so big! Lovely kittens make me want to squee out loud so much!

  4. ...and Peggy Sue is distinctly purring in the beginning of the clip - so she seems to be perfectly at easy with motherhood.

  5. i must say all your support, comments and suggestions of the most thoughtful and creative names has brought many smiles! To think, if Peggy Sue and her four little paws had taken her another direction. She would probably be all alone out there, hungry and thirsty, caring for her babies and probably leaving them for long periods of time to find food. This is truly a blessing! Thank you all for your kind words and especially for your support. lisa, peggy sue is looking at you with such trust, love and thankful eyes. thank you so very much!

  6. Awwww, they have grown so much! Peggy Sue looks so contented and peaceful there.

    Give them all some gentle petting for me, would you? And Aggie, too, of course.



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