Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Peggy Sue Maples - Pretty & Pregnant

Peggy Sue, on arrival, in the crate, while we prepared her new digs. I'll try to get a photo that shows off how sweet and gentle her expression really is!

Sonia and her sister, Monica, have rescued another young mother! Yesterday, Sonia delivered this pretty girl, whom they found on their father's farm. The little lady is bursting with kittens, so it should be any day now. She now has the run of the basement (finished). We figured she'd need a quiet place and plenty of run room for the kittens as they grew.

Monica & Sonia had been calling her Pretty Girl, and I shortened that up to PG. And all of a sudden, she became Peggy. Peggy Sue, the pretty girl next door. Peggy Sue Maples, in honor of her amberish shading.

Pretty Peggy Sue in a birthing box. Sorry it's over exposed - it was dark in this little "cave" and I resorted to the flash. I need photography lessons! :-)

Momma Peggy took her time exploring her new surroundings, promptly used the litter pan and took a quick meal. Then she took another turn, poking into the birthing boxes we'd set up and scattered around. She has seemed to settle on the birthing box we placed on its side*, under a table that is covered with an old bedspread.

I dragged the cushions off of the lawn furniture and will spend the night with her. Peggy Sue seems to enjoy the company and captures my hand for belly rubs!

Rest assured, we'll continue to post about Miss Aggie Duchamp, too! And, with any luck, we may even have three adoptions running at once, if our colleague is successful with her rescue.

This weekend, I think I'm going to change the labels so it will be easier to see each "family" that Space Paws is featuring. I'm not sure of the effect this will have on Blogger or the feeds... so please bear with us through this bit of blog maintenance.


* Miss Bitty (from a previous Adventure) also chose an open sided box for her delivery.


  1. I love the name. Peggy Sue and Maples to boot (smile) is very fitting for our little soon to be little momma. Lisa, looking at these pictures is bringing me great relief to know that this "young and innocent" little lady is out of any danger. One of those happy moments in life. Thank you thank you and thank you for sharing your home and your love!

  2. Oh, my, that is a sweet face. I'm so glad she'll be giving birth in such a safe place for her and the little ones, and that she took to you right away.

    And what Sonia said about thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. pretty pretty pretty pretty peggy sue!

  4. Pretty Peggy Sue :) I hope the delivery goes well!

  5. Oh my gosh, I just don't know what to say. I just can't tell you how incredibly grateful we are to you. My heart is filled with happiness for Pretty Girl...Peggy Sue. She is a lucky kitty to have been given a safe place to have her babies and caring souls to help her. Please give her a kiss from me because I know when I get to the farm in the morning she will not be there to greet me. She was always waiting on the step for me and my first words were, "How is my Pretty Girl today?" Thank you so so much.

  6. i've been doing alot of peeping!!! ditto, monica;-)



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