Friday, May 22, 2009

Why start "The Adventures of Space Paws?"

Well, this is an experiment. Over the past several years many folks at STScI have found abandoned animals. And they've worked diligently to find these adorable critters furever homes.

Last month, Sonia found an abandoned kitten on her farm. The little gal was already pregnant. Last week, that kitten gave birth. Babies having babies... it's sad. But we're going to foster the little mom and find homes for both momma and bebe. So, we thought about how best to let people know there are two small lives who can make a kind human's habitat much richer.

We were inspired by the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and other blogs which promote responsible adoptions and thought, why not us, too? No kill shelters are overloaded and we might be able to do some good here.

We may not always have an animal up for adoption, but when we do, there is a place to let the greater Baltimore area know about it!

A big thank you to Danny G. who created the logo posted on this blog (the graphic was to recognize the 15 adoptions, sponsored by Institute staff, in 2007).

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  1. great job on the logo, danny g! i wondered whose brain that came from. love it.



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