Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As Aunty would say (errr... did say), LET'S ROCK THIS, FOLKS!

If you've never experienced an IBKC fundraiser, now is the time. The kittens will keep you in stitches for the whole 31 days. And to think, this started out with Laurie hoping to raise a measly $3 squillion dollars for her local shelter. Last year, they netted $66 squillion!! Rock on to $75 squillion and infinity...!

I know I've been a scummy blogger, of late, but folks, but don't let that stop you!  This year IBKC raising money for folks, especially old folks, who are having a hard time keeping their furbabes in kibble.  Now, that's worth supporting!  Please, please, lend a hand if you can!


  1. We love their fund raiser time, always so fun!

  2. We love the IBKC, and their fabulous fundraisers. The contribution they have made to their shelter, both practically and through the fundraisers, is remarkable.

  3. Wow, that is really cool! What a terrific fundraiser, and that matching donation offer is just wonderful. :)

  4. What is a squillion? It sounds like a whole lot of money. I think that this event is wonderful. It is okay to be a lazy blogger it happens to the best of us.



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