Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to the Box in the Box

The box within the box contained a new Fusion Lounger. OMG! What a hit! Here's a short clip of Bitty claiming it.
Not to worry, everyone including the two legs (who has already pressed it into service as a footstool) had had a chance to enjoy. We have yet to put the catnip, which was enclosed, on the lounge. It's getting plenty of exercise without it!

Minor drawback - daily vacuuming!  (OK, I'll 'fess up - I don't really vacuum every day, but I could!)


  1. OH what FUN! How I wish I was there to beg for a turn too.

  2. Awwwww!! Bitty!!! Yay!! You look completely happy on YOUR new lounger! Yay! Big hello to Peggy Sue and bless you to sneezy Annie! :-) Take care

  3. I don't think Bitty is getting off that lounger anytime soon!

  4. Oh, my! That just looks like way too much fun for the kitties! Maybe we'll have to try one one of those for our babies.

  5. what a wonderful giftie!! so worth the wait.. :)

  6. That is a great scratchy lounger! Most of the scratchies I have gotten come with some nip alread on them even when they come with a pouch of the stuff, maybe that's why she was sneezing?
    I hear you about the vacuuming! We don't do it every day either, but the scratchies sure make it necessary! Too bad the kitties love them so much, huh?

  7. Bitty, it looks like you love that Pet Fusion Scartch Lounge as much as Moosey loves the one at our house! :)

    Glad to hear everybuddy has gotten a chance to enjoy it.


  8. That looks awesome! Bitty, you claimed it real good!

  9. Yes the lounger doesn't really need the catnip to attract the kitties! There's something about these scratch loungers that appeal almost universally to felines.



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