Friday, February 10, 2012

Tabby Update

I liked the Tracy lady.  And I like the Sara lady.  You lady, not so much.

A quick update - our little Tabby is now little Moblin and has a fursis, Grue.  As you might guess from the pic, the vet visit wasn't her favorite thing, but she held up quite well and we got a clean bill of health.  Sara reports Moblin is starting to settle in - loves tummy rubs and playing.  Sis, Grue, on the other hand isn't quite sure about the addition to the family and we've got some hissies and chasing going on - kind of to be expected since Grue has been the queen of the castle for so long.  More as we go along!


  1. THAT is a kitty who wants to get away! Yay for the clean bill of health! Here's hoping the two kitties get along really soon!

  2. Wow, I wish I could be so fierce at the vet's! I just cower and tremble.

  3. Fantastic news!! Awwww but look at Moblin at the vet's! LOL!! She's lovely! Hope she and Grue become best friends soon! take care

  4. Poor Moblin! Her face says it all!

    Glad she got a clean bill of health, though. :) Looking forward to your updates!



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