Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday - (pretty sure it will be an) Adoption in 11 minutes!

Oh, my! Today was truly amazing! And no, this is NOT the way it is usually done!

If you can remember back to the last time I posted (ahem!), the Casa is kinda full up. One of my cat-allergic colleagues contacted me on Friday asking if I could help find a foster spot for sweet little cat whom she was sheltering (story below). See sweet Miz Tabby:

I asked around with a few folks I knew did fostering and found they were full up, too. Wednesday, I "asked around" the 'tute by putting up these pics, and Tracy's story on the 'tute's social network (kind of an in-house Facebook).

Within a half hour or so, three wonderful ladies had stepped forward to say they'd foster her. Thank you Kay, Cheryl and Sara (and Elizabeth for spreading the word)!! You all ROCK!

Sara, who had responded to the post in a mere 11 minutes, mentioned that if Miz Tabby and her darlin' got along, she'd look at adopting her. Squeeeeeee! It doesn't get any better than that! So Saturday we swoop over to Doc Andrew, get Tabby tested, get her shots, make sure she's spayed (we think she is) and deliver her to new foster-to-adopt mom, Sara!!

Here's the email that started it all:
Hi Lisa,

Hoping you and Space Paws might be able to help me. Wednesday night, I stepped outside to hear this desperate meowing. I saw a cat at my neighbor’s door and thought maybe one of their cats had gotten locked out. I bent down to see if I could get her to come over to me, and she came to me at a dead run, headbutted my hand, and then stood there eagerly waiting for me to unlock the door. The moment I opened it, she ran inside.

We’ve been checking with the shelters and posting signs, but no one is turning up to claim this little girl. She’s an incredibly sweet, affectionate cat, well-cared-for and clean, looks perfectly healthy. She’s extremely calm and obviously very used to being with a family – she comes when you call, obeys when you tell her no, doesn’t object to being picked up and pushed around. I’m allergic and am usually a bit intimidated by cats since I don’t know anything about them, but this one is such a sweetheart I’m completely comfortable with handling her, and she’s very tolerant of my clumsiness.

So my husband and I have been holding onto her to keep her safe and out of the cold, but we both have cat allergies and can’t keep her. We’d take her to the shelter, but she’s the gentlest, friendliest, most affectionate cat we’ve ever met … she runs over, meowing and chirping, to greet you when you enter the house or wake up in the morning, she likes to hook your hand with a paw and nuzzle it when you’re petting her, she purrs like a little motor when she’s near you.

She doesn’t do a lot of jumping or climbing – we’ve had to shoo her off the table once, and she likes to sleep on the top of the sofa, but she’s shown no interest in the bookshelves or countertops. She’d make such a perfect pet for someone looking for a calm, loving, companion-type cat.

We can hold onto her for a few more days while we try to find her owner, but then we have to figure out what to do, I was wondering if anyone in the Space Paws rescue group might be able to foster her? I’d be willing to pay for shots, fixing, etc. for her (my friend who owns cats and checked her out said she’d be surprised if she wasn’t already fixed.)

That’s it … let me know what you think. I’ve attached a couple pics. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Tracy, there's a special place for folks like you and your hubby who are willing to go out of your comfort zone, and endure being uncomfortable to boot, to help a little critter. Thank you!

Do I work with a great bunch of people or what??!


  1. Aw, what a sweet little kitty! I hope she does well in her foster home and never ever has to leave!

  2. How awesome that this little girl got rescued, and so many humans stepped up to help her!

  3. Awwwww what wonderful people! Yay for Miz Tabby!! She sounds so adorable and we hope she finds a permanent home with Sara!! :-)

    Take care

  4. YEAH!!! And big purrs to EVERYONE!! We hope Miz Tabby likes her new "home" and it all works out. Still amazes us that sometimes all you have to do is ask for a little help.....

  5. OH yeah...the 'Tute ROCKS ! What a wonderful story!
    I have missed you honey....



  6. How wonderful on so many different levels..

    Congrats to everyone.

  7. That is great! I like to see happy kitties go to happy homes. Best of luck to her.
    Can't seem to comment on Blogger blogs today with my WordPress credential so I'm trying name/URL...

  8. That is so very wonderful! Foster and adopt are two of my most favorite words!



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