Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're still alive and sorry we've been gone so long

Hi everyone - I don't quite know what to say... it's been a rough summer and fall and blogging and visiting have been back burnered in a big way. I have no excuse for not doing a 15 min blog post every now and again just to let you know we were OK.

I kept waiting for a time when I thought I could definitely keep up semi regular blogging to come back. *sigh* I can't promise that yet, but I do want you to know what's transpired and that I do miss you very much. I have to try to keep some balance in my life right now and once I get online and go visiting, balance goes out the window! Heck, even reading Space Paws email would throw me into major guilt.

Good news is I've been able to divest of one large outside commitment (doing the books for a friend's business) and am working to divest of another (being my church's treasurer) by February. Between those, my real job, family and caring for the kittens, there haven't been enough hours in the day.

So enough about my guilt. Here's a short catch up (more details on everyone later):
  • Ace came and went and you never even met him. Like Gus, Ace had a broken leg that we patched up and he's comfy in his furever home with two furblings.
  • A couple of local cats, Sparky and Buick passed through our doors. Sadly, some of my neighbors have fallen on hard times and we took care of vet needs before they were returned to their loving families.
  • Opie has a new home and a new name - Homer! Yay! Best, I've stayed in contact with his new dad.
  • Mama Lucy is slooooooowly making progress. A little more friendly each week. Yay!
  • Buddy looks like he will be a permanent resident. Between his FIV and his chronic skin alergies (yep, poor guy is an itchy mess), he's not likely to be adoptable.
  • Trudy and Lawrence are still with me. Their dad is unable to take them back, although he would very much like to, and I think they'll stay with me for now. They are now both plump pushkins.
  • Bitty, Peggy Sue and Sophie are all hale and hearty! Yay!
  • Justice, sadly, was diagnosed with both kidney and liver problems and passed away 2 weeks ago.
  • My Annie has had some serious health problems - kidney related. She's hanging in there.
And now a sneak peek at tomorrow's post...

And, nope, that's not Sophie!

And I'll work on cleaning up our sidebars this week, too.

I know we've lost readers because of our lack of posting. I apologize to them and to you.



  1. Tomorrows post looks lovely - Im a sucker for a handsome tux like him/her... ;)

  2. Hello there! Welcome back! Awww thank you for the updates on all these kitties - some good, some not so good! Oh dear! Sending tons of hugs and purrs to Annie!! And I'm very sorry to hear about Justice - purrs and hugs from me and Charlie!

    That kitty who isn't Sophie is adorable! Take care now x

  3. I've been thinking about you lately and imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios, so it's such a relief to hear from you! Phew!

  4. We are so glad to see you posting again. Please don't feel you need to apologise, life happens. We are so sorry to hear about Justice, and send big purrs.

  5. We're SO glad to see a post! Actually, our mom just thought of you guys a couple of days ago, realized we hadn't seen anything in a very long time.

    We're so sorry to read that Justice has passed--godspeed to him. And purrs to your Annie--our mom still is grieving the loss of OUR Annie.

    Be well...Sending you all universal Light and Blessings.

  6. You haven't lost me!! SO GLAD to see you back and hope that things settle down soon so we see more of you and your sweet charges.

    I've moved in the last couple of months (back with my parents--still no job!), but everyone is hale and hearty here, too. : ) Look forward to more posting from you!

  7. Well, you haven't lost me or Sundown, either. We've both been in the same kind of boat, though thankfully with less kitty drama than you have had. We're sorry to hear about Justice, and we're pulling for Annie.

    You just take things as you have the time and energy, and don't worry about the rest of us.

  8. I am sure glad to hear that you are okay. We have missed you!

  9. I am so sorry to hear about Justice. I hope Annie is doing as well as possible.

    I also hope I didn't add any to your guild. I just wanted to let you know that we care and missed you.

  10. hugs to you too, Lisa! We've missed you, but are happy to hear from you again :D

    9 and Chani and Marlene, and from our new addition Sheamus Popoki (yes, we have 3 kitties in our house now!)

  11. Good to see an update. Sometimes life is just more important than blogging. The humans and kitties come first. Sounds like you have been very busy.

  12. You havent lost me either, and I'm glad to see your post. I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty, never an easy thing.
    Real glad to see you post again and hope things calm down for you soon.

  13. As KittyChair says, we're still here. You take the time you need to take care of your fur-family and yourself. Sorry again to hear about Justice...never easy. Looking forward to whatever and whenever the next post is.

    Purrs and skritches from all of us!

  14. Welcome back!You have made my week and it is Monday! Hugs to you, Lisa, and please dont feel guilty about blogging. I have been checking in almost daily and using your blog as a portal to your terrific sidebar links...which meant I got a super dose of Jasmine and Ginger pictures, MOL!
    I am glad you are seeing light ahead when it comes to your time committments - be good to yourself and the kitties, and the rest will follow!
    Sad to hear about Justice, and Annie will be in my prayers.

  15. HEY! Good to see you back! I'm particularly happy for Opie to have moved on to a happy home.

  16. I definitely get that life can get in the way of the fun stuff. I'm glad things are getting under control for you, and thanks for the update!

  17. Glad to see the update -- been worrying about you. Hope you yourself are managing as the kitties seem to be. Warm thoughts to Annie and Buddy for a positive turn to their health. And our sympathies to Aunty Pol.

  18. There's no need to apologize. We're still here, and we're glad you are doing okay! :)

    We're very sorry to hear that Justice had to run to the Bridge. We are sending purrs and prayers of comfort.

  19. *gasp!*

    So glad I checked you today. Glad you're back!

    Michigoose in Sterling, VA

  20. Hurray! You're back! It's so good to see you again, Lisa. :)



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