Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Opie's New Family

I know I promised more about Loki for the next post, but it's Thursday, and Thankful Thursday is a tradition!! We've got a lot to be thankful for here at Casa Space Paws, not the least of which is for you! Thank you to everyone who wrote and emailed to welcome us back. I'll try to get in 2-3 posts a week until things lighten up in February or so. And sneak in at least a one or two visits a day until I've made the rounds! I've missed you guys so much!

Anyway, back to the kittehs: We are very, very, very thankful to my sis for talking up Opie!! That's how he found his furever family. She was at her son's in-law's for dinner when their son said he was looking for a companion for his Charlie. Oh, she sold him, but good!

So Kevin came over to meet Opie. We took it slow, since Opie and Charlie were both adults, and Opie went to live with them on a foster-to-adopt basis. Turns out Kevin lives just up the road from me. I knew things were good when Kevin referred to Opie as Homer (thanks to his cute 'stash and beard). I read on Kevin's Facebook that Charlie now had a partner in crime!! It was a match!

Here's a shot of Homer in his new digs.
Think he's relaxed and made himself at home? Kevin, says 65% of the joy of being subject to a feline overlord is taking pictures of them sleeping.

New brofur, Charlie, is as energetic as Homer (thank heaven!) and the two of them cavort and wrestle. It's a veritable den of testosterone over there!
Not so sure about Homer at first, were you Charlie?

This is dad, Kevin, enjoying some more testosterone laden activity without the boys.
Just teasing. Kevin is great - keeps me updated about the boys and he even joined us for Thanksgiving! I hadn't even really met Kevin at Mark and Liz's wedding (had NO idea what he looked like when he came to meet Opie), so it's been great to get to know him and great to have extended family in the neighborhood!

And, in case you had any doubts that it's a small, small world... Kevin's good friend, Mike, starts work at STScI in January. Mike and his wife volunteer at the local SPCA. Wonder if they'll be willing to be Space Paws foster parents... hmmmmm....

And I'll leave you with a shot of Homer and his dad. Ahhhhh... I love a great match!

Next post, we'll finish up Loki's story.


  1. Aw, how sweet! Something tells me he's not a 'foster' any more...
    What a great match!

  2. Proof that word of mouth really works! Opie/Homer certainly looks perfectly at home!

  3. Yeah! What a fabulous new chapter for Opie! We adore hearing such wonderful adoption tales, when it seems it's all following a celestial blueprint and is just MEANT to be successful.

  4. Yes, I am just thrilled! If I wasn't clear, Homer is no longer "foster-to-adopt," he's a full fledged brofur to Charlie!! :-D

  5. Hooray for you Homer, that made me smile!

  6. Yay for Opie/Homer and his new dad and cat-bro!

    Opie/Homer looks just like the new resident office kitty at work. I'll have to ask Buddy if he has any family in Baltimore. :-)

  7. Yay! You're back :) So glad that Space Paws is up and running again :) You and your kitty crew have been dearly missed!

    Little Opie/Homer sure seems to have made himself at home...loved hearing how happy he is in his new home :) It was a perfect way to start my Monday!

    Hugs, purrs, & a gentle woof from my crew to yours.

  8. Hurray for Opie (Homer [cute name!])! His new brudder, Charlie, is also a cutie-pie :)

  9. Yay for Opie/Homer! That is such fantastic news. I LOVE happily ever after stories like this. :)

  10. Thank you for all you do to help homeless animals.

    Happy Christmas dear friends ~ and a joyful and healthy new year to you all. xx

  11. We know you're busy, but we nominated you for the Liebster blog award. See our blog for details when you get a chance.

    Take care and Merry Christmas!



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