Monday, June 13, 2011

Halp! My Brothers Have Been Kittennapped!

Maybe you people in blog land can help... where did our brothers go??? They were there and then my sister and I turned around and they weren't. The lady... what? No... I need to ask... NOOOO! Don't want to get dowwwwwnnnnn....
Well, thank you Gia. I know you and Lessa were disappointed your brothers took off without so much as a how do you do, but they were excited. Wouldn't you have been? Oh, wait. You were! I know honey, but your perfect furever home is out there. Promise.

In case you hadn't guessed, Miska and Oliver found homes today. It was the traditional Meet'n'Greet at the 'tute. I'm very excited to report that there was considerable interest in both the girls and in Opie Simon James, too. We'll see if anything comes of that.

We got to the Institute shortly before two. I'd barely gotten parked and we had company...

I did my best to sell Opie Simon James as a "man's manly mancat" but the gents, surprisingly, all went for the kittens first. And mostly, for the girls.

Another batch of kittens enjoy shoulder rides at a Meet'n'Greet.

Opie Simon James took a bit of a back seat to the kittens in the cooing and ooohing and ahhhing department, but he actually got more attention than the number of pics I took of him indicate! (OK, the fact that the camera batteries died, early on, didn't help!) Frankie has already adopted two of our babies and, while he couldn't resist a visit, stayed strong. Not strong enough not to get in a pet when Opie had a young admirer, though!

Miska on his new mom's shoulder with Gia. Amy is technically his new foster mom. And all her colleagues say, "Yeah, right. We heard that with K2." You might remember that story - I couldn't get any pics or stories out of Amy. Guess who adopted K2? Yep, even if you don't remember, you probably guessed right. Amy. We are just glad Miska is in a super loving home and will be learning to socialize with other cats. And, if Amy's co-workers are right, better yet!

Personally, I'm a fan of the 'foster to adopt' concept. I think it acknowledges the reality that taking a new critter into your home is big commitment. Heck, if Valerie hadn't acknowleged that Sophie wasn't a good fit for her household, I wouldn't have my wonderful little moppet... and I just can't imagine our house without her now!

It always surprises me how well the kittens take to cuddling with new folks. And this crew was passed around. A lot!

The lady with the skeptical look was "this" close to adopting Oliver, even though she doubted her very territorial mancat would accept him. She got plenty of encouragement from co-workers. Got to admit, I never try to "close a sale" on kittens - folks are ready or they aren't and either answer can be for the best. I know she wants another cat and am pleased she knows it has to feel right when she does.

We're hoping that this gent's wife thinks Lessa is as cute as he did. Too bad we were down to cell phone pics by then.

The gal who had been debating so intently about Oliver, let folks on her floor know we were there. Just as we were about to go home her colleague, Maria, arrived and, wouldn't you know... Oliver took a shine to her.

After sitting contentedly, gazing at her adoringly, purring and giving belly, he almost fell asleep in her lap... and that was all she wrote! Yay! Now you know it's a small, small world, right? Before Maria became a super tech gal for the 'tute, she had been thinking about becoming a vet. And guess where she worked as a vet tech? Yep! At Carney, with our Doc Andrew's dad, Doc Ed. Think I feel very, very good about this adoption?

*sniff* YAY!!! *sniff* YAY!!! I know this is why we do what we do, but I miss the little dudes already. My heart aches when I start down the stairs and Oliver isn't charging up to meet me. I made sure to say my goodbyes before I left home because if I'd tried to say goodbye there, I'd have lost it. It'll take a couple of days for everything to settle in... when I start to get the reports of them, happy in their new homes, it'll all feel wonderful!

The girls are back with Mama Lucy now, of course. And mom is wondering where her boys are. But if history is any indicator, in a day or so she'll be focusing her attention on the babies at hand.

I will really try to get back to blogging soon... I have so much to tell you but with 13 cats in the house (now 11... I'm no longer an official Crazy Cat Lady!), work (been in audit for the last three weeks), church, family... it's just been a zoo. Have a backlog of pics and the stories to go with them!


  1. I love adoptions, every single one of them, and purrs to all the sweeties!

  2. Yay! I am so glad that Miska and Oliver got their homes today! And I just know the girls will be packing their bags soon. And Opie Simon James, and Mama she ready to find a home yet?

    All I could think of in looking at the pictures is how big the kittens have gotten! I am looking forward to seeing lots of pictures from your archive of their kittenhoods!!!

    Yay 'Tute folks - once again you have come through as wonderful kitten adopters!

  3. You have been doing some wonderful things here I see! How wonderful that a couple of kitties got adopted. I can totally understand the tears between the smiles!!

    Good stuff!
    xo Catherine

  4. Wonderful news that the boys have found forever homes! We'll cross our paws for the girls too, of course!

  5. My, how time flies — it seems the kittens were just born! If those Oliver photos are any indication, they certainly know how to turn on the charm, and I'm sure the girls will be packing their little suitcases very soon.

  6. YEAH!!!! We love adoption stories. It is too bad the adults get passed over for the kittens, but we know there is a home out there for Opie.

  7. Good to see you back, Lisa! And I'm glad for the boys and hope that everyone else starts finding homes soon. They've gotten so big!

  8. We are so happy to hear about all these adoptions ~ and are so glad you never push "a close". It is so important to get the right kitty to the right owner ~ that way maximum happiness follows.

  9. I love that picture of Oliver gazing adoringly. I feel like he's my boy. I'm glad I wasn't there, I'd have been so tempted by torties!

  10. Glad to hear the kitties got homes. We like the foster to adopt way to go - no pressure and it usually works out.

  11. You have been busy. So glad you got two adopted. But it would be hard to go home without them.

  12. Wonderful adoption stories, which are the best kinds of stories.

    Thanks so much for sharing, especially when you're so busy!

  13. I love the pics of Oliver with Maria! She never stood a chance. I've seen that look on a kitty's face before - the look that says, "Hi. You now belong to me."

    Hooray for meet-n-greets! :-)

  14. Yay for the boys getting adopted...lucky coworkers to have a meet 'n greet with such cute kitties :) Keeping fingers crossed for the girls, Mama Lucy, and Opie Simon James to find their forever homes quickly!

  15. Aww..Lessa and Gia,

    Aunty Pol knows that there are forever homes out there for her have to save the best for last sometimes. I'm chanting good thoughts for Mama Lucy and Opie Simon James too .

    Hugs and Headbutts

    Your Aunty Pol

  16. Foster to adopt is an excellent idea. We'd never have known Meow Meow was the kitty for us if we hadn't gotten to meet so many others as fosters, all delightful in their own ways. She was just the perfect combination of traits we appreciated :)

  17. This is so fabulous, Lisa! I'm afraid I've been very lax in reading my favorite blogs, so this was such a wonderful surprise!

    What a bunch of wonderful folks work at the 'tute! Clearly you're not the only one. (Although you're my favorite one.)




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