Thursday, May 12, 2011

We Lubs Our Ham-Micks

Several weeks ago I decided to splurge and buy a couple of Ham-Micks after seeing them on other friends blogs.  Well, they've turned out to be wildly popular with both the General Population and, now, the little ones. The optional rubber feet are perfect if you have hardwood floors (I got one with and one without - my next order will have the feet, given all the hardwood upstairs- yeah, one is not enough for the GP).

Here Oliver, Miska, Gia and Lessa demonstrate the gentler side of Ham-Mick use.  Read on for more active utilization possibilities:

I had to write to Forty Paws yesterday and let them know just how popular their simple, effective contraptions had become:

"Ordered 2 hammicks a few weeks ago. Back to report they are a BIG hit. Simple idea, great results. Kudos!

With the General Population (6 adults): Initially, there was surprisingly little interest... the poor hammick sat empty after the catnip wore off (nice touch to spur interest, btw). By week 2, some lounging activity was seen. By week 3, critters are clearly irritated when the hammick is already occupied... usurping activity noted. Since then, we've had a high occupancy rate.

Down in the foster room: First couple of weeks are moot - kittens too little and mom a feral who hides when I'm in the room. Then the kittens discovered the hammick could be climbed. They do. A lot. With enthusiasm.

Trampoline potential was almost immediately exploited. Hammick is extensively used as cover for surprise attacks on siblings. Unsuspecting loungers are dive bombed by their sibs, who launch from the adjoining cardboard castle.

But best of all is walking into the foster room to find the kittens curled up and snoozing in their new bed of choice, the hammick."

Ummm... and I wrote "6 adults" totally forgetting the Ham-Mick lounger extrodinaire, Opie, in the tally:


  1. Looks like this is a big hit. Love the photos, so cute!!

  2. Ooo - gonna have to look into these. I had to laugh about the trampoline comment - that has potential with my fosters - plus I like the idea of it being off the ground. hmmmmm :)

  3. We love our ham-micks too!! 'Specially Zoey...she uses it all the time!!

  4. Oh, how cute are those?! I wonder if Millie and Harley would leave the Sweet Spot long enough to use one if I bought one...most other cat beds have been a failure 'round here!

    The babies are growing up! They're so darling. Wish I lived closer, I'd come over and snorgle them.

  5. Such adorable and comfy cutie-pies!!!

  6. 40Paws should get a Nobel prize for inventing Ham-micks! I just got one too (won in an auction to help sweet Shell) and Cagney loves it. It's by a window so she can lounge and look (when she's not napping)at the same time!

    Love those picture!

  7. I am jealous - I wnat to get the cats ham-micks so bad but I am afraid if I don't get more than two there could be some nasty fights so I have had to hold off. And oh the kittens in there - it is just a perfect place for a kitten pile!!

  8. Those look great! The kittens are, as ever, adorable, and Opie is so cute in his ham-mick.

  9. Those hammicks are great, and it looks like the cats give them a big paws up! :)

    Opie ... you just made us smile real big, buddy. Thanks!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, dear friends.

  10. love love love the photo of Opie's belly and curly paws :D



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